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Miranda’s Double Exposure

I am working on an eBook to send out to mailing list members at Dash Kitten. It’s fun to put together and will be a good read but there’s a lot of work involved. I managed a selfie of Miranda though!

Sunday Selfie graphic and a cartoon lady and her cat

Some of the tools that the app offers are a big step up from simple filters that switch your cat photo’s general look. They need a bit more skill than you would expect but you can create a cat photo you will be proud of and share it from your own phone.

My original Snapseed post is here.

A Dramatic Double Exposure

a tuxedo with a dark colourful background.

SAGE aka ‘TKS’

When I visited America to attend Blogpaws® I spent time with friend Savannah and her Mom and Dad. I met young Sage who was the ‘new kid on the block’ and a happy addition to the Paw Tracks family.

When Savvy reported on the latest antics of Sage it was with a touch of exasperation that transformed into affection over the course of time. Sage’s sudden loss is a real blow as she was greatly loved by her dad. You can read about Sage here, and see Anne’s lovely collage of images of one of the most lovely black cats.

I am including this simple and beautiful tribute from Ann and June at Zoolatry who has captured the simple grace of a black cat and a touch of TKS personality.

Image of a black cat looking out at the viewer

11 thoughts on “Miranda’s Double Exposure”

  1. Miranda, you’re so pretty and sweet, keep getting better please. We were so sad to hear about Sage, just too many losses.

  2. I really love the double exposure of Miranda, and I’m so glad she’s recovering! I was so sorry to read about the loss of Sage, and all the others who have recently left us. It’s been a sad time.

  3. That is an interesting and cool effect with Miranda.

    That is Miss Ann’s image for dear Sage. Mine is on my blog right now…(I don’t want to take credit for what isn’t mine!)

  4. Wee are furry sorry fore THE loss of Sage. Wee wish her all THE best inn Purr Land.
    An wee are still sendin POTP an **purrayerss** to yore lovely kitty girl Miranda….
    That iss a pawsum Selfie Miranda!
    ***nose rubss*** BellaDharma an {{hugss}} BellaSita Mum

  5. We love that double exposure. It’s kind of spooky and just right for Halloween.

    We, too, are so sad about TKS. And Brian.

  6. Miranda, we are loving that double exposure of you. It’s so dramatic and cool!

    We are so sad about Sage’s passing. We are purring and praying for Mom Linda, Dad Peter, Savvy, KK, Domino, and Foster Dory as they mourn the loss of their beloved Sage.


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