Miranda Portrait at Dash Kitten

Learning our DSLR Miranda Portrait

I was given an DSLR camera for Christmas and Birthday and am learning to use it. There are lots of courses to take online which is a lot of fun too so bit by bit I am learning stuff. This is a picture of Miranda on our front deck in a recent summer afternoon.

Miranda Portrait at Dash Kitten

The Dash Kitten Crew are joining the Sunday Selfies with the Kitties Blue, and also want to spread the word about Albert. The Go Fund Me is stood still and your shares would be most welcome as his treatment needs to go on.  Please help.

I am hoping to get involved with some kind of a fundraiser over the next week. Albert is getting better every day so we must NOT give up. Thank you to everyone who has donated. We have a long way to go but Albert does not tread the path alone.

Albert the perfect patient Click the picture to donate to Albert

Calling friends in Philadelphia

Our friend @RustyTheKitty on Twitter needs local Philadelphia help. His mom has three cats, is a mature and trustworthy lady currently living in desperately unsafe accommodation. Not only a leaky roof but an unfriendly landlord she believes will harm her cats if she goes out for more than a minute or two. Cheryl has posted a desperate appeal to her Twitter friends for help as she can’t even get online. I have a US telephone number for Cheryl and the kitties if anyone who feels able to help in any way.

Sunday Selfie Graphic

If you can help with a ‘phone call, or tangible help. Or know someone who can. Please contact me here, or contact @Squirtthecat on Twitter. Squirt and Mom are in the UK but like us in NZ determined to help.

Have a good week, and a safe week everyone

Harvey and Marjorie
Harvey the Cat Surrounded by stars





18 thoughts on “Learning our DSLR Miranda Portrait

  1. Thank goodness for auto-focus lenses! I got my first DSLR toward the end of last year too and I was pretty worried I’d be lost. Am I ready to try manual focus lenses? Umm … no. Especially not with two cats that can’t sit still!

  2. That’s a purrfect shot of Miranda with the new camera, Miss Marjorie 🙂 We will try to share the funraiser on Fb and IG, Granny only has to find out how she must do it. Healing Pawkisses for Albert and purraying for a speedy recovery and Good Luck Pawkisses for Rusty to find a furrever home soon.

  3. We will share Albert again tomorrow on our Sparks post. We like that blue flower and kitty at the top of the page and Miranda’s selfie is gorgeous. Thanks for hopping. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

  4. Miss Marjorie you are such a kind, caring person to spread the word about your furr-iends needing some help. I cross my paws that Albert makes a full recovery, and I cross my paws that Rusty the Kitty and her family get new, safe lodging.

    Looks like Miranda is instructing you well on how to use the new camera! Pretty picture!


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