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Miranda’s Health Update

This week’s selfie portraits are of Miranda. She is recovering after her attack by an idiot with a crossbow and arrow and now has several vet visits under her kitty ‘belt’.

As you can see, she is looking perkier and more engaged. Unfortunately, she decided to nibble at her stitches yesterday so she has a soft cotton collar to stop this.The itching is not a bad thing, it means she is healing but, healing makes cats (and humans) itchy so the we need to stop the nibbling!

Tuxedo cat bearing a buster collarl lying in a crate.

Miranda has been dosed with an antibiotic and kept pain free by Meloxicam with (believe it or not) a Fentanyl patch on her tail. The same substance that is a human plague in the United States is a successful healing medication for cats here in New Zealand.

It has worked. For the past week Miranda has begun to heal and remain relaxed with no pain. She is now on doses of just the Meloxicam and antibiotics.

It is still a day by day monitoring regime but, thanks to her vets and the support of her many online friends Miranda is doing OK so far. Thank you everyone.

Tuxedo in a crate wearing a buster collar

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