Middle Earth Monday with Dr Who

Middle Earth Monday with Dr Who


Dr Who came to Wellington on 21st of February and launched the biennial New Zealand Festival with a bang! The arena was almost exploding with excitement, and, thanks to booking many months ago we got seats perfect to see and hear everything. The video is a wobbly camera snippet that gives a tiny flavour of the atmosphere from the superb show.

Dr Who fans in the Arena, Wellington

There were two kinds of fans, those who are new to the programme, and those whose memories go back to much further to Peter Davison and beyond! There was lots to see for both sets of fans – each music piece was accompanied by images and video from the series, and monsters took to the Arena (pictures next week!) Vintage Dr Who segments alternated with the latest regeneration and the War Doctor – Wow!

Dr Who spectactular
Dr Who Who fans pose on the right (very Matt Smith!)

There were huge queues to buy precious Dr Who memorabilia including tshirts marked ‘Bigger on the Inside’ with Melbourne, Brisbane and Wellington printed on – a real collector’s item.  The anticipation was immense and we saw people dressed up in their Dr Who best but no Daleks in the audience 🙂 Newspaper review here.

Dr Who Memorabilia Stand

Next week – the excitement AND the Monsters And the Fifth Doctor in person! Below is a monster sneak peek!

Dr Who Monster





  1. Well!! This is totally NEW to me…never ever heard of Dr Who…must do more research. So purrleased you had such a wonderful time…hope everyone is getting ready for the humans’ long, long trip…make sure you all store up memories of all those tummy rubs and chin tickles….you won’t have those special ones from them for a long long time…ask me…been there and done that…no, no…I did not want the T-shirt
    Savannah’s Paw Tracks recently posted…Monday Meowsie News…My Profile

  2. Greetings, I got the P.A. to the right page this time!!! MOL

    We LOVE Dr Who – and we’ve always wanted our very own Tardis!!! [The nearest we’ve got to one so far is an old 1940’s red phone box in the garden though – howeffur it does have a crazy light show in it every night – does that count?]

    The P.A.’s favourite Dr of old was Tom Baker.

    Happy Time Travelling

    XOX Basil XOX
    Basil recently posted…The Monday Meow ~ A Field Excursion – You’ve been Busted!My Profile

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