Middle Earth Monday Watercolour with Memelink

Watercolour Sky
Watercolour sky on top of pencil sketch

Mum tried something different this week-end – Watercolour Painting with artist Alfred Memelink who has a wonderful gallery in Petone, just outside Wellington. There is a studio being build in the top which is really exciting! It was a short 2 hour taster class to see if Mum enjoyed it.

Alfred took us though a project called ‘Sunset over Island Bay’ a lovely local scene with nothing too complex or scary that would intimidate new folk, but let everyone ‘have a go’ and have fun!

When you paint things you need different types of brushes. The wooden handle one in the picture at the top is an ‘hake’ brush good for swishing a layer of clear water on to the paper so you can let the Sky Blue softly spread out. The white bits – those are where the clouds will be.

Adding sunset clouds

It was impawtant to let the light blue dry thoroughly before Mum added the darker (ultramarine) blue with crimson for the tops of the shadows, this is the shadows see? Who would have thought it – next time you see a sunset watch the tops of those clouds guys!

Adding the island …

The island is not a huge one, the real thing would be quite close inland, so you can see the colours of the land and how the sea and setting sun affect them. We used a brown, blue and yellow for the island with tiny touches of yellow and crimson. Mum’s attempt is not bad, but she needs practice! See how the cloud colour has softened quite a bit?

Finished Sunset over Island Bay

Mum says the sea was demonstrated beautifully by Alfred Memelink, and she tried to so the same. Well, it sort of worked, but she needs to do more we think. Alfred helped a little bit so it looks OK.


Mum knows a regular artist who tells the story of doing a new class with a teacher (because good teachers NEVER stop learning OK?) The artist lady could paint well, but, no way could she do this project as well as the teacher did. She felt frustrated, until the tutor pointed out that she had actually demonstrated this class hundreds of times – so had hundreds more practices, so OF COURSE she was going to paint it really well!

The lesson? You practice to be good at something – practice means you can do something well.

Happy Painting,
Harvey Button
Harvey Middle Earth Monday Correspondent


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