Harvey’s Ear Surgery Report

Harvey’s Ear Surgery Report
  • Harvey’s most recent Ear Surgery update is here.


Hi guys Harvey here with a rather serious announcement about some ear surgery I need to have.

I was whisked to the vet today in, as pal Cathy Keisha would say, a PTU (Prisoner Transportation Unit) and the “evil vet” Dr Hughes, OK, actually he’s a pretty good and gentle guy….. pointed out I had an erupting squamous carcinoma on one ear and potentially on the other – so I have to lose my ears ends and two tiny dots under my nose.


Ear Surgery Comparison

The picture at the top of the post is an old one, but it shows the approximate location of the cells on my ear. The vet says if its done now the hair will grow back and I should, we believe, look just a bit different and my fur will come back. The alternative is not one the family will even contemplate – if left things will get much worse.

I will be wearing an Elizabethan (aka Buster) collar for 10/15 days. That worries Mum she has never had a cat have serious surgery and have to wear one of these for more than five minutes and that worries her.

I go in Thursday at 8.a.m. and Mum will report on how things go. We will try not to panic, and we will try not to be scared.

Ear Surgery Cat

  1. Harvey sweetie we know it is scary..i saw lots of white kitties with this post op as a shelter vol and they all did fine so we are sure ramping up the purrs your way from down under..or sideways? i think…all our loves and hugs coming your way…Fozziemum Dinnemintz,Pickles,Cleo,Marbles,Doc,Forrest,Jock,Felix and Oscar xxx
    Bev Green recently posted…Sundays Silly SelfiesMy Profile

  2. Poor Harvey, what a rotten old time of it you are having. But it will be excellent to be rid of those cells so the rest of you can continue living the good life.

    Luff & purrs
    & Jet

  3. Wanted to pop in to wish you well on your surgery!

    We’d like to think that one day in the near future there will be no such thing as cancer.

    We will keep you all in our good thoughts and prayers.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  4. dood…we noe itza fry day at yur place N earl lee but we wanted ta say hope yur sir jerry wented veree veree well N yur home ore a bout two come home N due sum chillaxin ~~~~~xxxxxxx

  5. Harvey, you’re going to be fine. With things like these, early detection makes a world of difference I think. As your peeps and doctor caught it so early, you’re going to do really well. Nevertheless, I’m still going to be sending lots of healing purrs your way, for sure.

    And about the ear thing? Will only ADD to your character. My brother Rushy is missing half an ear (as he went through a TNR program at some point) and he’s super handsome. Everyone says so so it must be true.

    Nerissa’s Life recently posted…the break-inMy Profile

  6. *soft paw* Harvey, am so glad mama and vet caught this in time – you gonna be fine, buddy! Try not to think of the surgery, which is nothing to worry about ‘cos you gonna be snoozing when they do it. Think about when you get home to Aunty Marjorie and all the extra treats and smoochies waiting for you! *drools* Be brave, be healthy, be around for a long time xx

  7. Oh, Harvey, we’re sorry you have to go through this. One of the cats who came before us, Rhett, had to have the pinna of his ear removed surgically, too. It’s scarier for your humans than it is for you. Sending lots of purrs for a quick recovery after surgery, buddy!
    Sometimes Cats Herd You recently posted…Literary NewtonMy Profile

  8. We is sending yoo buckets of #healing purrs and purrayers Harvey. Yur mum will do wonderful taking care of yoo. Gotsta keep da fancy collar on. It makes yoo look more regal and impawtent. Best Wishes Harvey, Hugs n Purrs

  9. oh my sweet Harvey Button…I am so sorry you must lose a bit of each ear. BUT you will not have the dreadful skin cancer spread and that is GREAT NEWS! Your Mom and Dad caught it in time. You will be just as cute after the surgery as you are now my pal. paw kisses, Savvy
    Savannah’s Paw Tracks recently posted…Cat Vet Techs at WorkMy Profile

  10. dood…itz oh kay ta bee scared….we wood bee…but we will ask R rockin awsum pal st francis ta bee with ewe everee step oh de way N send hiz manee blessings for a safe sir jerry and a healthee ree coveree…N we hope de vet dood will give ewe a soft sided or “donut” collar sted oh de ole lamp shade….sendin best fishes two ya buddy ???

  11. Oh Harvey! We are so sorry that you have to have surgery. That said, we are sure you are in the very best of hands, and that you will recover in a jiffy. You have a great Mom, and a great vet who will see to that. *gentle pats*
    Sassenach MacConney (Sass, Lou and Chevy) recently posted…Home Made Flea RepellentMy Profile

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