Middle Earth Monday and the Winner IS………

Middle Earth Monday and the Winner IS………
Wellington Cable Car and panorama of the city and harbour.

For our Middle Earth Monday, welcome to Wellington and the Cable Car, one of our most popular attractions and a vital part of Wellington life – and we announce the winner of our TShirt competition!

The design of the Wellington Cable Car, by James Fulton, allowed for a track that was straight in distance and elevation. It passes over or under all existing roadways allowing for an uninterrupted straight line trip.

The cable car, which began working in 1902, was a major achievement for New Zealand engineering at the time; it is 785 metres (858 yards) in length rising over 119 metres (130 yards) at an average of 1 in 5.1 and passed through 3 tunnels and over 3 viaducts. It is used by commuters, students and tourists – and is one of our most iconic Wellington sights!



  1. conga ratz lily on winnin de way kewl tee shirt N thanx guys for sharin thiz fotoz oh Wellington…..de seen a ree iz awesum !!

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