Meow Like a Pirate Day is Here

Meow Like a Pirate Day is Here

Talk, or meow like a pirate day is here!

September the 19th is the day we celebrate with a bit of fun and laughter and verbal flourishes like ‘shiver me timbers, and other dramatic turns of pirate phrase!

We have created a fun treasure map to celebrate meow like a pirate day and want to ask you this. Did you love treasure maps when you were small? Are you STILL a small person who loves pirates and treasure? Do you hope to find treasure buried on a distant island. Well we know the place.

Far away on a distant shore, there lies a chest of the finest catnip. buried deep under the sand and X marks the spot.  Cats around the world ream of it and set off on adventure to find it but none have succeeded…. yet….

We know that many cats are secret pirates who dream of sailing the seven seas and being swashbuckling heroes celebrating acts of derring-do, just like vintage movie star Errol Flynn. Most of us were not born when Flynn fought his way across the screens as a pirate hero who gets the girl, but the action is dramatic and oh so real. No special effects here!

This trailer gives us a glimpse into a time when pirates had a lot of fun. Long before Captain Jack Sparrow came on the scene!

Enjoy Meow like a Pirate Day Everyone!

Silver Kitten
Cat in Pirate costume






  1. Avast and ahoy the crew of DashKitten! Now that is a hero pirate if ever I saw one, and daring do and romance were his everyday staple. What a pirate? I wonder if there is another that can live up to his skills?????
    We loves a good sea escapade, whether it has a map or not, I’ll be out hunting treasure of every kind, though English golden cream doubloons are what really float my boat!
    May your journeys find thee fine bounty and may the seas be calm and lead you always to safe harbour. Oh and may your grog always be full fat with a sprinkle of nip!
    Cat’ptain ERin

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