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Dash Kitten is based in New Zealand often known as Middle-Earth thanks to the Lord of the Rings movies. This page is an introduction for new visitors, so please read on for more information about Dash Kitten’s past, present and future.

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We are inspired to help by Dash Kitten, our Founder Cat, who was killed in 2013 but whose helping intent and sense of fun still drives the blog today. Dash was a dynamic part of the ‘anipal’ community on Twitter and a major fundraiser for pet causes.

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My name is Marjorie Dawson and I write about making smartphone movies, introductions to cat focused technology, and add a dash of cat fun with our weekly Pet Parade blog hop. Let me spotlight some of the areas you might like to explore on your first visit.

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Cat Blogger and Movie Maker

Exploring 'Cat Tech'



Dash Kitten does its best to explain the science and technology issues it covers in clear language. We hope to make your life easier by doing the heavy reading for you and making complex issues easier to understand. Read our complete selection or start with these posts:

Making Smartphone Movies

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We make smartphone movies and you can too. Whether you want to make your own for profit or the pleasure of showing off, we can help. Check our full selection of posts for plenty of friendly help and advice, or start with these:

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Meet the Cat Family

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Meet the cat family, known as the Dash Kitten Crew, in our perfectly presented profiles! The feline family continue to inspire so much of the blog and make my family laugh.

The About Us Page

Dash Kitten Owner Marjorie DawsonRead the story about how Dash Kitten started in the About Us section. There’s a biography as well as blog nominations for awards, our successes, and our amazing sponsors.

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