Meet Lou from Live Love Meow

Meet Lou from Live Love Meow

This week I am interviewing Lou  of Live Love Meow, he’s the KEO (Kitty Executive Officer). A mancat with a message and a Mom of action to back him up.

Welcome Lou, thank you for agreeing to be interviewed for

Hi, Dash.  It’s an honor to be interviewed on your blog.  I’m glad to be here.

Can you give me a quick ‘sketch’ of who, and where, in the world you are?

Well, I’m Lou, the cat. I’m the much-loved feline half of Live Love Meow blog  and usually the voice on our Twitter account @livelovemeow. We are from the East Coast of the USA, a place known as New Hampshire.  My favorite place there is near the beach. Live Love Meow was formed after Mom and I joined Twitter, and realized that there was a need for people who could, and would, help other people and their cats–and do it right!

Mom is uniquely qualified to do this, because she’s been dealing with pets, and especially cats, since she was a little girl. Later, Mom became a pet professional, which is where she learned about the good, the bad, and the ugly, when it came to pet supplies, as well as helping pets and people to have the best relationship they can with each other, with a special focus on special needs pets.

Live Love Meow LLC is, for right now, an online, cats-only pet supply company, that in addition to selling quality pet supplies, also invents and custom creates pet products, such as the Purrito Wrapper.

Still being developed and tested, are 2 different litter boxes; 1 helps Cat Moms not have to deal with used litter any more.  The other helps Cat Moms who have cats that need to have frequent urine testing done.

Meet Lou of Live Love Meow

Mom got the inspiration to start designing and inventing specialty litter boxes, after seeing specialty litter boxes online that made her shake her head in disgust.  1 litter box  was  a very expensive litter box (as in hundreds of dollars) that didn’t work very well,  if at all;  the other, almost as expensive, required carrying around buckets of cat urine to pour into little cups or otherwise dispose of..somehow.  Mom decided on the spot that she could do better than that for the same amount of money, and proceeded to sit down and make it happen.

Also, Mom is developing a custom line of food and supplements for cats.  So many supplements and foods come in packages and other setups that either aren’t exactly cupboard, or kitchen friendly.  Mom, being Mom, sat down and created a fix for that problem too.

Last, but not least, Mom designs heated and cooled scratching posts and funky beds for cats.

Lou, I usually end with my question ‘What is your Anipal Dream’ but it’s so much a part of your hopes I have to ask it near the the start so, please, share it with us.

My anipal intention is for Live Love Meow to grow from an online-only pet supply store, into a physical location, so that we might have living space, product development space and warehouse space–all in one location, in order to more quickly serve anipals & their Moms.

Also, we intend to add a feline Bed and Breakfast, and staff, so that when Cat Moms (and Dads) travel, they have a safe, worry-free place to send their cat on vacation as well.

As part of the Bed and Breakfast, we intend to have a space for a few lucky foster kitties on ‘scholarship’ to stay in luxury surroundings, where they can be exposed to potential adopters while awaiting adoption into new homes.


You have a pretty neat web presence, what prompted your move to your own domain?

Thank you for that compliment.  We worked hard on our website.  Or, Mom did.  I mostly just sat on her feet and kept her company.

We began our own domain, because we realized that there really wasn’t anyone quite like us out there.  While there are a number of cat bloggers, there aren’t many cats-only pet supply companies, and there aren’t many cats-only Bed and Breakfasts.  Combining the three and adding in pet inventions?  I think we might be the only ones who set out to do that.

How does a cat running an online business spend his days? Are you a keep fit fan?

I am a keep fit fan.  Mom plays with me with my favorite toys every morning.   While waiting for her coffee to brew, I get to leap and twist and jump about, chasing my favorite toys.  The rest of the day, I’m either on patrol, getting into trouble, or keeping Mom company while she works. Sometimes she gives me catnip or something new to play with.

Sometimes I test new products, or I pose for pictures.  Mom just got an iPod touch and discovered Instagram and Photolettering.  *paw to forehead*  My life is never going to be the same…..

You have hopes of a new home in the future – can you tell me about those?

It goes like this.  Mom and I have outgrown our space (in every way) and need to move if we are going to serve anipals and their Moms in the way we want to, and in the way that anipals and their Moms deserve. Mom has found a property that would work very well for this purpose, which is to serve cats and their Moms/Dads.

What would you say is your shop’s most popular or useful item? 

That would actually be 2 items!  The most popular item is the Purrito Wrapper, which is a multi-purpose, goof proof pet blanket.  So it can get furry,  get spilled on, etc. with no harm done, no soak through, etc.  

Our most useful item is a product, Cat Odor Off, that I can’t say enough good things about.  Cat Odor Off is a concentrate that, used properly, removes cat urine odor in clothing, carpeting, etc. and leaves behind a nice scent.  A lot of veterinary clinics use it.  Mom figured it this way, when Mom was first exposed to it (incidentally, in the vet’s office):  “If it’s good enough for the vet’s office, it ought to be good enough for me!”

Cat Odor Off did an excellent job removing odor, and Mom has been wholeheartedly recommending it for over a decade to pet owners, grooming clients, and even her contractor friends when they get into a disgustingly stinky job out in the field.  Plain and simple, Cat Odor Off  *works* when used correctly.  

Finally, what do you personally feel strongly about and would like to share with your fellow pals.

We feel that more anipal moms (and dads) need to pay better attention to what will happen to their furry friends if something should happen to them (the Moms & Dads).  Too many anipals wind up in shelters (or worse) because the owners didn’t do even a few minutes of estate planning that made adequate arrangements for the care of their pet.

We’re big fans of ethical rescue organizations, and, once we have the feline Bed and Breakfast up and running, we would like to  work more closely with rescue to help rehome needy cats.  Even if we don’t have the space to host a scholarship kitty for you, we are open to working with rescues in other ways.

Last but not least, Mom and I are friendly (well, ok, Mom is a little shy sometimes, but working on it), and we’ve had our shots.  🙂  If there is something you’d like to ask us about cats or cat care, if there is something you’d like us to blog about, if there is an item in the shop you’d like us to carry, etc.  Go ahead and ask us about it.  We will do what we can to help you.  And, if we can’t find some way to help right off the bat..Mom just might sit down and custom-craft a solution.

Thanks Lou, it’s been great learning about Live Love Meow and Mum and I wish you every success for the future.

Dash Kitten

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  2. Pawsome interview, Dash. Must say, I loved looking ’round the Live Love Meow website and I also think the plans they have in the pipeline are very eggciting … ‘specially the Bed & Breakfast !

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