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Meet Cafe Kitten Mochi

Meet Cafe Kitten Mochi

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One of the most fun ways to practice my photography is for me to visit my favourite cafe, Neko Ngeru Cat Adoption Cafe where this week I met kitten Mochi.

The cafe is packed with happy kittens at the moment and there are plenty of people hoping to adopt them. I love that everyone can visit and see if a kitten or cat is a good match for their family.

There is a lot of laughter as one of the cheekier kittens will try to climb on laps for the scone and cream ordered by the human, or a young person sits on the floor and a kitten sees them as a climbing frame!

Mochi the kitten looks at the camera
Mochi – ISO 1600 50 mm F 3.2 1/600 © Dash Kitten

I loved the first full face shot of kitten Mochi and, after a little adjustment to lighten the background I switched the photo to black and white. It gives the shot a sense of seriousness and drama that contrasts with a kitten’s usual lively behaviour.

I used my 50 mm lens. If you are not familiar with how these work, the lens is smaller, and it is built with less glass and no zoom mechanism. The result is a much sharper image but you have to zoom with your feet.

Mochi the kitten looks away from the camera
Mochi – ISO 1600 50 mm F 3.2 1/600 © Dash Kitten

The second photo shows Mochi watching another kitten get up to mischief and thinking about joining in.He looks so intent and focused I could get quite close which is great for a good sharp shot.

Tabbies take great photos because their coats have naturally interesting shades of colour. In black and white these give a touch of drama, and in colour they add interest. The only thing you need to watch out for is over exposing the lighter blonde fur shades like the pale areas near Mochi’s nose.

Mochi the kitten licks his aw
Mochi – ISO 1600 50 mm F 3.2 1/600 © Dash Kitten

OK this last photo is not one of my best but I thought you would love to see it. Kitten Mochi is getting ready for Tongue Out Tuesday and it’s irresistible – right?

I hope you have a good week everyone. Here in New Zealand, our clocks went back one hour so we are even further adrift from our American and European friends.

This week was meant to be the first Sunday in April’s New Zealand feature but Paul hurt his back and everything piled up after that. Next week we visit Staglands animal park so join us then!

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7 thoughts on “Meet Cafe Kitten Mochi”

  1. Sending purrs for Paul’s back…that he heals well, and quickly.

    Mochi is so sweet!

  2. Great shots of Mochi! I almost always use my fixed lens at the shelter. It does so well in low light.

    Sorry to hear about Paul’s back. We purr and pray he is on the mend!



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