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Meet Adrian the Cat, adventurer and romantic.

Adrian the Cat, is an adventurer, a romantic and an optimist. We have a book for you and here’s Miranda to tell you about it.


I have been reading a lovely lightweight and fun book that I know you will love! Not only that but it’s an ebook for Kindle or KindleApp therefore available instantly, as well as an hardback.

The story is a gentle parody of an earlier book called the Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, but you don’t have to know that book to enjoy Adrian’s cat adventures.  We love a good, and a budget book that is well written, is even more fun, so let’s meet one sweet and fun cat!

Meet Adrian the Cat, Adventurer and Romantic

Oyr star is Adrian, he is ambitious and a cheerful, if thoughtful, optimist. He falls in love with the (unsuitable) girl of his dreams, has mad adventures, and find out what makes a true and real friend. It’s written in diary form which makes it easy to dip into without losing your thread, and it made mum and I smile a lot.

Adrian the Cat – Survivor!

You shake your head at Adrian’s perils and trials, but you cheer when he wins through in the end so I think the book is a real joy. It has touching and moving moments, but a happy ending for our boy Adrian, so you can’t help but love the story! Authors Stuart and Linda MacFarlane have made a good job of reflecting a feline version of ‘the angst of a teenage diarist’ and this is worth every cent in smiles.

  • A real bonus for my fellow readers in the price on Amazon Smile – a mere $1.00/£0.99p approx. Go grab your copy TODAY!

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