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Meet Delightful Meandering Numps

I have revised one of our favourite discoveries Meandering Numps for 2024. Numps has not blogged for several years but the blog posts are full of wit and charm so I am reluctant to remove this post. I have re-written the introduction out of affection for a blogger and his cat.. If you want to know how to touch the heart of yur readers, browse some of Numps delightful posts.

Although Numps is based in Bulgaria she is a keen supporter of British rescue Keighley Cat Care. Please drop in there if you have a moment, they are good people, they are also on Facebook so some Likes might be nice!

Worldwide Pet Blogger Numps

* WorldWide Pet Blogging Numps’ hard-hitting Martin Bashir Interview transcript ….. *

Where in the world are you Numps?

Not exactly sure. Hooman showed me on a map once, and it is on a bit of green next to a bit of blue. I looked out of the garden, and there are several trees, a stork on a pole, and a hill I went up once. Hooman said it is called ‘Bulgaria’, and it is named after Great Uncle Bulgaria, a famous character from a show called ‘The Wombles’. (see pic)

International Worldwide Pet Blogging Numps 3

Great Uncle Bulgaria (c) B B C

What is the favourite part of creating your blog?

Well, apart from going back through hooman’s pics and reliving those memories, it is nice to interact with people who get in touch, either on the blog or on Twitter. I like having fun with people, and when they come for a chat! Most of the time they tag team against my hooman, mostly because he deserves the grief.

What kind of readership have you discovered enjoys your blog?

Well, the people who risk life and limb and approach me, (I am a furocious predator, remember), they seem to come from all walks of life. Men, women, young, old. You can always tell the crazy cat people though. They are great. I get the feeling they would give me ham and tickles for free in real life. My hooman rations it, and makes me work for it.

Worldwide Pet Blogging Menadering Numps

What are the joys and challenges of being a worldwide blogger?

Not sure really… I never started my little blog for any reason other than to have a go, because why not? It wasn’t started with a goal in mind or anything like that. It is nice to see people from all over the world popping in for a look, and I talk to people all over the world on Twitter. As for challenges, I don’t think there are any. I do what I like and take what comes, (because I’m a cat, and always right)

5) Will you suggest some of your favourite posts for our readers to discover more about you?


Meandering Numps

Dogs feature a lot in your life, what are they like to live with?

Dogs are easy. I live with one, The Wally, who was here when I first decided to live at Hooman’s house, (he obviously had no say in the matter), and from the start, it was a bit weird. I was taught to run from dogs, as they can be a little bit exuberant when it comes to putting cats in their mouths, but The Wally was easy to tame.

He is now my best mate, (don’t tell him that though, he would never shut up about it), and we sleep and play together all the time. Hooman has other dogs every now and then, but I have managed to tame most of them so that I retain my Apex predator title.


37 thoughts on “Meet Delightful Meandering Numps”

  1. I stopped to say thank you for your comment today which inspired me. And bonus!!! Discovering Numps in Bulgaria no less. How I would have loved to him include in my book. Have your copies arrived yet?

  2. Mew Mew hellos Numps! I’m so envious that you get to hang out in a real, live tree. The closest thing I have is a carpeted post. I bet you can watch the world from that tree up high! I love to hear about other black kitties such as yourself! And thanks DashKitten for interviewing with Numps.

  3. Numps, you are one heckuva kitty. And so, so beautiful. Thank you for a great interview and for mentioned the shelter people–so important for all of us four-footed creatures (and two-footed, and even one-footed).

  4. It’s very nice to meet you Numps, and we’ll be adding your blog to our ever growing Blog Directory.

    Loved your interview and our P.A. was a huge fan of the Wombles – she loved that picture of great Uncle Bulgaria!!! MOL MOL


    Basil & Co xox

  5. Great interview! We’ve only recently come across Numps and her hooman and think she’s very intrepid and funny (that’s haha funny, not peculiar you understand!!). We haven’t been blogging or visiting much lately, but thanks for featuring such an interesting kitty!! xxxx

  6. Hey Numps! I had no idea that that’s where Bulgaria was. Is? Was. No, is. Anyway, glad that’s sorted ’cause if I wanna come visit, I’ll need to look out for that stork. MOUSES!


    • I’m still none the wiser where it is. Hooman said that Bulgaria is 4 or 5 times bigger then the garden, which sounds big.

  7. Great interview Numps! Thanks Dash for blogging too. Your ham will be ready to ship soon. I will decorate the box with cat stuff to throw off “hooman” and dogs.

  8. That was a great interview with Numps. I love her blog and think it might have been here that I first heard about her?
    I have had 2 packages arrive and messaged you on FB. Thank you they are lovely!

  9. Oh My Cat!! You got an interview with NUMPS??!!! FAB!! He is so refreshing and cheeky and, well, he is just the coolest panther cat.

  10. A great interview and sounds like a great place to be. Seems like Numps has the same issues with his ham delivery as I do with my cream. Hmm, I wonder if cream is easier to get hold of Bulgaria?

    • I don’t think I’ve ever had cream… Hooman has Ice Cream, which could just be cream with ice in it?


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