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May is National (Cat) Photography Month

Did you know that we have America’s Congress to thank for our ability to enjoy a month celebrating photography? As politics and Congress are often seen as challenging places, to find that the American Government was the first to acknowledge the importance of images in our lives and world is inspiring. So we have National Photography Month (with cats!)

Photography used to be something only people with special equipment could enjoy but with the arrival of compact, and smartphone cameras photography became now accesssible to everyone. We are now all building an archive of the memories we love and treasure.

Sunday Selfie graphic and a cartoon lady and her cat

National Photo Month was first celebrated in 1987 when Congress recognized the role photos play in our society. The American Photographers Association and other organizations made National Photo Month a time of activities, festivals, photo contests, and exhibits. The celebrations have since taken on a new look in the digital age.

National Day

The impact of older photographs was brought home to me by the discovery of old pictures on dad Paul’s PC. We came across images of Dash Kitten I had not been for years and this year, it is ten years since he was killed. There were also pictures of our adult Silver (a silver tabby) when he was a cute kitten. It is like a time machine, even looking a short way back.

A Bitesized History of Photography

Photography has been around since about 1839 when the first very basic images were created. As science developed, different types of images appeared. Daguerrotypes, calotypes and glass plates. All are different types of image capture and they have recorded historical events and people.

For ordinary people the world of photography opened up slowly. First there was the craze for the ‘carte de visite‘. This was a calling card left by visitors to affluent households.

Having your photograph on your calling card showed you were modern and up-to-date and everyone wanted them so the photographer’s studio was born. Here is an example of a modern carte de visite, Harvey’s card from Amber’s library in Bionic Basil’s book reviews.

Harvey Button Official Amber Library Card @BionicBasil
A modern carte de visite – Harvey’s card

For camera users the arrival of compact cameras, then smartphones meant photography exploded literally around the world. The internet meant we would share images instantly and sites like Instagram sprang up to show off selfies. Blogs are able to display memories, events and family stories as we see thanks to the Kitties Blue every Sunday.

Memorable Images for Photography Month

This is our first cat Peanut, back in 2001. Not perfect but a cute photo. Peanut travelled to New Zealand with us for nine more happy years of life. She was always the ‘boss’ cat.

a cat peeping around a cat tower pillar.
Peanut 2001 – Compact Camera

Our fospice cat Nemo also held happy memories for us. From 2015 Nemo had a safe haven with us. I found him at the rescue where I voluteered. He had been forgotten and left in a very warm room and he looked so uncomfortable. I asked the welfare officer for permission to bring him home, she agreed instantly when she found out where he had been left.

I had a first generation iPad and the images are not pin sharp but they are a happy memory of our times with a little senior cat back in 2015.

Older Smartphone Photo One Photography Rule You Can Break
Nemo – iPad Photograph

A Photographic Achivement

This image of Chenzou won me the Kuykendall Image Award from the Cat Writers Association in 2019. The image reminds me of a successful capture of a delightful cafe cat and many memories of the cafe itself.

cat in black and white looking upwards
Chenzou – DSLR

I aim to get a lot of posts up and get busy on social media to celebrate Photography Month. Happy Snapping for the month of May.

Did You Know you can save lots of images on Google for FREE? Google’s image storage – 15GB. 100GB is $3.49 per month.

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9 thoughts on “May is National (Cat) Photography Month”

  1. Your own special month in a way, Marjorie!!
    Those were great flashbacks, now we know who Peanut and Nemo were.

    Thanks for sharing all you know about photography:)

  2. Have a very happy photography month! And not just month. It is a lifelong passion and skill that you have developed so well and to such a good cause.

  3. That is a haunting picture of Chenzou! I’ve always snapped a lot of pictures and it becomes so important to have them as time goes on.

  4. A short walk down your “memory lane” ~ you must share more! We love the history of photography, have enjoyed it at a museum in Rochester, NY (part of Kodak history) and another (college related if I remember correctly) in Daytona Beach, FL) where early photography of the types you mention is on display. Your ability to capture the “best” of animal expression continues upward all the time …

  5. We loved seeing Peanut and Nemo today. And we’ve always loved that award-winning photo of Chenzou. Happy Photography Month!


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