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Meet Marvelous, International Traveller, Canadian Catizen

Meet Marvelous, International Traveller, Canadian Catizen

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Welcome to our exclusive interview, meet Marvelous, international traveller, Canadian Catizen and new blogger taking to the blogosphere for the first time. He is the latest in our exclusive interview series.

After an anxious wait by his new family in Canada, Marv has arrived and is dispensing both Bandaids® and brotherhood. Meet the man of the moment.


First I would like to thank you for asking me to be part of your World Wide blog series. Queen Penelope and my new Mommy have been avid followers and tell me that I am extra special to have been asked to pawticipate. I know I have not been blogging very long, after all I just flew here last Monday and the whole blogging thing is new to me, I do know that I do like to blog though, I have lots to say!

Where in the world are you Marvelous?

I now live in Richmond, BC which is part of greater Vancouver and almost half way around the world from where I was born. It is on the west coast of Canada and we live not too far from the border between Canada and the United States. My cat brother Kozmo tells me that here in Richmond, we do not live as close to the United States as they do in Midway. Some day I hope to go and visit the big yard in Midway.

What do you think of this new blogging adventure you have embarked upon?

Queen Penelope started her blog a long, long time ago (8 years). When she started, the Pet Blogosphere was quite small. Queen Penelope had many blogging furrends and followers and I am so very privileged that her many furrends have made me feel welcome! Queen Penelope had a motto that is over the computer desk. It reads: Promote, Share, Explore, Discover and Love. I hope to follow in her pawprints and do ALL of those things too!

What kind of readers have you discovered enjoy your blog? 

Gosh, when I look back at Queen Penelope’s blog and the statistics, we see that ALL kinds of people and pets have been followers. She and Mommy tried very hard to make the blogs exciting, light hearted and supportive of all the other animals who blog. Nellie loved to (virtually) visit other blogging animals and some of the most liked (and viewed) posts were Nellie’s trips.  

Her series as Austin’s Campaign Manager when he was in the running for the Cat Ruler of the World was so very much fun, as was her Campaign for Smoke and Joe for President and Vice President last year, and perhaps the most viewed was when Nellie ran away (and visited pets all around the world) after Jo Jo came to live with her and Kozmo. Kozmo was no slacker either! He is part of the FBI and chased Mr Chirpy (who was trying to take over Twitter) around the world too! I am hoping that I too can do a few of these things!

Meet Marvelous

What are the joys and challenges finding your feet in a different place?

Goodness Gracious! Life here in Richmond is so much different than it was in Tehran! There I lived in a small barren room with no contact with other animals and few people. Richmond is totally different. I have 2 cat siblings and a horrible toothy beast that is a dog! Mommy tells me they do not live here all the time, but it is important that I learn to get along with other animals. 

I have my special sanctuary in my bedroom. I have a mommy who feeds me the most yummy food and who pets me. I am learning that Kozmo, though a huge cat, is afraid of almost everything (including me). Jo Jo who is the same size and colour as me is nasty! She hisses, bites, jumps on mes and whaps me! And the horrible beast still scares me, but she is not nearly as scary as I originally thought. One thing…I like to bite my mommy…which she does not like…and I am slowly learning that I should NOT sink my teeth deep into her flesh.

I get treats when I am good, so I try harder to be good so I can get the treats. I can come and go from the bedroom when Mommy is home, but I don’t come out much – yet.

Meet Marvelous

Do you have any thoughts on your past, or new adventures you would like to share?

I will talk about how I am settling in and about how difficult it is for animals like myself in other countries. As a matter of fact, we have been asked if we can do some fostering to help other cats from Iran! I am just over 1 year old (my birthday is July 29, 2016) and I have so very much to learn–and I will blog about that too! But where the blog goes…we don’t know. But both Mommy and me want it to be just for fun and we will continue to Promote, Share, Explore, Discover and Love!

Again, thank you so much for interviewing me! I feel so very privileged.

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(Many Good Wishes)

Marv the Cat in Profile


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Marjorie Dawson

Marjorie is a motorbike riding blogger and award winning cat photographer who believes that everyone can shoot and edit wonderful pictures they love regardless of the camera they use.

She is a Professional member of the Cat Writers Association, Kuykendall Image Award winner and published photographer at the Guardian newspaper.

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15 thoughts on “Meet Marvelous, International Traveller, Canadian Catizen”

  1. Wow, Marvelous. That is quite a story. To go from a squishy room to a place with new furrends and one we hope will become your furrend. We is down the coast in Oregon, so not too far from BC. So glad to meet you. You are a beautiful kitty.
    Zoe and Raja

  2. how special to hear Marv developing his own voice. But that bitey biting is no fun for Mom Barb

  3. Marv is exactly that! Marv the Marvelous!!! We are privileged to know him…and hope to share in the doings of his life via the world of blogging.

  4. Oh my, this whole thing must be so strange to you, Marv, from what was once such a small world to a whole new and massive world with friends and now family, and yes a toothy beast too, though pf the good kind I’m sure.
    It is so wonderful to see you here now, maybe soon you can recount more of your life to us now avid fans. But what really matters is what is to come…
    Toodle pip and purrrs

  5. I am so happy that Marv has his wonderful forever home now. That was a great interview.

  6. Round-the-world kitty tales! Truly a MARV-elous adventure here … and we, too, welcome Marv to his new home and new life.

  7. Dear Dash KittenCrew, I am so very honored that you interviewed me! It is amazing that you live in New Zealand, I came from Iran and you interviewed me in Vancouver! Is not the world a small and wonderful place!
    Thank you so very much


  8. We are so excited that Marv is finally in his new home. Thanks for interviewing him so we can get to know him better.

  9. Marv… Do not bite your mommy. Lets meow, just you and me, about that over some warm fleecy blankies.


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