Looking Back to 2016 in Arizona

Looking Back to 2016 in Arizona

Arizona 2016 was quite a time for us on the blog.

As newly appointed BlogPaws International Ambassadors we made the most of our trip half way around the world. We are thankful for that opportunity, and for the chance to visit again this year in Kansas City.

Damned Lies and Statitstics

We took some fun pictures of the hotel prior to the Blogpaws conference and they bring back thankful memories for us to share with Brian and his family for Thankful Thursday.

Arizona 2016 was Bright

BlogPaws Saguaro Hotel

The Saguaro Hotel was a vibrantly coloured place and we enjoyed our time there, Plenty of welcome cool water, quiet time, and startling decorations!

Arizona 2016 was Weird

BlogPaws Saguaro Hotel

But Arizona 2016 was Refreshing

Saguaro Arizona
Have a good week everyone, and we hope to visit you all in the Thursday hop!

Marjorie and the
Dash Kitten Crew
Team Dash Kitten Graphic





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