Listening Up – The Art of Being There

Listening Up – The Art of Being There

Listening up and the art of being there, being in the moment, call it what you will. Let me ask you, do you listen to your blogging staff, or your typist?  A lot more, it seems, than humans listen to each other. Our colleagues at The Tiniest Tiger posted a lovely article for World Elephant Day where they reported from The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. One thing that struck us was how people chattered while Edwin, Head Baby Elephant Keeper, spoke. Disrespectful? We think so.

  • I know Mum, and she would have been front and centre hanging on every single word Edwin said.

It made us think. Do we listen properly or, are we already getting ready to respond to what we think we hear, not the words of the speaker or meower? We know we cats are guilty of this, especially when excited! We need to stop, just listen to the words being meowed at us!

Listening Up Kitten
Listen to the Kitty!

Make tomorrow Listening Day, wherever you are :-

  • Don’t rush to respond in a chat. Count 1,2,3, then respond.
  • Start listening up first.
  • Focus on the person you are talking to, not yourself.
  • Take a breath – listen respectfully.
  • Respond to the person and their intention – not your take on what they say.

We are all guilty of chattering and meowing sometimes, we hope that we can stop, listen and be respectful to those who are speaking. Join us.

Harvey Button and Phoebe Kitten
Harvey from







  1. We hear our Mommy count to three a LOT!

    Mommy says please email her at katniplounge AT gmail DOT com, she’s a tech dork and can’t find a way to email you direct about the auction.

  2. I’m an AWESOME listener… well, except when I’m playing or I’m hungry or there is something else more interesting going on. My human, on the other hand, needs to shut up and listen sometimes! Like, lots of sometimes.
    Summer recently posted…Necklace ModelMy Profile

  3. grate add vize guys….. de food servizz gurls gram MA all ways used ta say; ya heer…but ewe due knot listen….. { never mind that her waz sayin thiz ta gram PA…..but ewe noe !! }

    insert hearts XXXXX

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