Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics with Cats

Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics with Cats

“Damned Lies and Statistics” sums up the disturbing attitude of cat haters here in New Zealand. So, today we join Brian for Thankful Thursday thankful to Mr Bob Kerridge for speaking out and pointing the finger at the ‘shonky’ (unreliable and discredited) evidence repeatedly put forward by cat haters against the felines of New Zealand.

Damned Lies and Statitstics

The famous quote is attributed to the British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli: “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” and it is proved true if you click through our link to read Mr Kerridge’s report on the manipulation and downright lies told by those who dislike cats.

Damned Lies and Statistics about Cats

Damned Lies and Statistics

Here are a few examples of the way facts and figures have been abused :-

  • Cat hater Gareth Morgan repeatedly quotes from the widely discredited “Wisconsin Study” that tarnished the reputation of the illustrious Smithsonian Institution in 2013.
  • In Australia a group of environmental scientists claimed cats were responsible for the death of one million birds a day. Mr Kerridge points out that if this were true there would be no birds left in Australia.
  • The only New Zealand ‘study’ involved a sample of just 37 cats in Dunedin (yes, really….)
  • The “National Cat Management Strategy Group” a New Zealand splinter group resorts to outright lies and manipulation. Read the full story in Mr Kerridge’s article. I do not need to pass comment on such unethical behaviour.

Damned Lies and Cats

The article is a must read for New Zealanders, and cat lovers worldwide. It will open your eyes to how thankful we are to have people fighting on our side who have integrity and who do not lie and bend the truth.

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I am including the final quote from Mr Kerridge’s article. It is by Mr William Lynn, research scientist in ethics and public policy at Clarke University:

“As an ethicist I care about both native wildlife and cats. It is time to stop blaming the victim, face up to our own culpability and seek to ‘rewild’ our world with an eye to the ethics of our action. There is no justification for a war on outdoor cats, feral or otherwise, based on shaky science and an absence of ethical reasoning.”

Have a good week, love your cats and be honest and honourable in your dealings with all people. Join the lovely people in the Thankful Thursday hop – each one will add insight to your week.

Marjorie and Harvey Button
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  1. These myths are so hurtful and harmful. I thought of the myths most people subscribe to … that cats don’t need people around … that cats don’t need to go to the vet … so many cats suffer because of these ridiculous myths. But there are even more myths about ferals! I can’t believe extermination is still the norm around here. I’ve read study after study showing that the only birds caught by cats are the sick ones. I don’t know if that’s true … but it seems to me to make sense. Of course, there are cats that are really good at catching birds – but I hardly think that’s MOST cats.

  2. The cat haters of New Zealand and the World clearly have little to do with their lives. I do not like snakes, but I have much better things to do than write hateful reports with the intention of erasing the species. Well written, Marjorie and Harvey Button.

  3. I’m glad the truth is coming out. The frustrating part is that lies seem to make front page headlines and the retractions and true seem to be in inconspicuous places… makes me wonder about values and if others value honesty as much as I do.

  4. These types of lies are sadly not confined to New Zealand – we get them too over here in the states. It’s maddening… beyond maddening, really.

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