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Lickety Split for a CloseUp Cat Clean

Lickety Split for a CloseUp Cat Clean

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One of the fun things I have discovered with my telephoto lens is that I can get in close to the cats without disturbing their activities. This closeup cat clean photograph of Toulouse is a summer time shot with a slightly higher ISO than my usual ISO 200.

I took about a dozen photos using continuous shooting mode, some came out OK other were blurry and this was the best shot of all. I have not had to make any adjustments to it. I like the depth of field and the sharpness so noted down some useful information for you all.

Closeup Clean with Toulouse the tabby cat
Toulouse Spit and Polish – ISO 400 152 mm F 5.6 1/250 © Dash Kitten

One of the most confusing aspects for beginner photographers to wrap their heads around is that a lower f-stop number = a bigger aperture.

Click and Learn Photography

Closeup Cat Clean Information

  • If you would like to read a useful and not too technical explanation of F-stops so you understand how to use your camera better I recommend Click and Learn Photography who have done a great job explaining everything.

I was told by a photography professional that 200 is a good ISO setting for sharp pictures and good colour so I usually start there. For some reason I had my settings at ISO 400. Toulouse and Thomas had been playing in the garden earlier and evening was drawing in so. F/5.6 is as low as my telephoto lens will go but this gives me a bright picture with a shallow depth of field.

Toulouse would be a perfect candidate for Tongue Out Tuesday and you may see the photo pop up there too.

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13 thoughts on “Lickety Split for a CloseUp Cat Clean”

  1. Oh yes, that is a purrfect Tongue Out Tuesday photo and a purrfect example of how we kitties are so-o very conscientious about keeping ourselves clean. It is also, of course, an example of your fine photography skills, too! Purr purr purr.

  2. It was so wonderful seeing this excellent photo. This is such an excellent way not to disturb when you are taking photos without them knowing. Thanks for sharing. Have a great rest of your day.

  3. My catness, that is a wonderful capture of Toulouse busy ‘at work’!

    My father used to take ‘sneaky’ close ups of fellow seniors when they had gatherings, then he’d have an evening where he’d show off shots of some event where he had taken them…and the peeps were awed that there they were!!
    He would then give anyone he had taken a picture of, a print as a keepsake. Sadly he didn’t do that for too long, as he got vascular dementia from many mini strokes and diabetic sugar issues…I did learn a few things from him over the years, though. My brother inherited his Canon SLR, maybe as a reminder of the time when he was a toddler and ruined the Leica Dad had!

    • Oh what a wonderful piece of family history. I know he will have created some memories for their families too.

  4. What a cutie! And such detail. This photo reminds me to use the ‘big’ camera and not just the cell phone.

  5. That’s a great pic! TW doesn’t use her telephoto since the pics come out grainy. She has a cheapo camera but even with her real expensive analog the pics got grainy in telephoto mode.

    • I am looking into this grainy stuff myself CK. It happens to me when my ISO is way too high. Stuff here to discover, am I right?


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