Jack playing Boules at Dash Kitten

Kitty Kitty Who Got the Boules?

OK C’mon guys we are playing who got the boules? Can you tell? Yup it’s Jack our ginger Ninja. He was helping Mum and Dad as they played petanque (a form of boules) on the front grass here at home. As the terrain is pretty bumpy it makes for a rather erratic game but, as you can see Dot found the competition fierce!

Serious boules study by Dot Kitten

For official games there are proper rectangular playing areas (terrain) with several ‘ends’ (menes) per game but, for more informal high jinks er… games, no marked pitch is needed, although flat grass is helpful! As you can imagine with a bumpy playing area sabotage came in the form of bumps of grass or holes in the lawn which allowed a fair amount of chasing help from the spectators.

I got it guys! I GOT IT!

Not everyone played out in the open. Miranda Kitten lurked in the welcome shade of nearby trees to watch and see who got the boules? A shady way to watch the match in progress!

For most of us this very warm weather has been a chance to laze quietly in the shade and listen to the cicadas singing away before grabbing a bite to eat, then snoozing some more! Oh, and those of us prone to eczema get sunblock on our paws and noses. As Mum always says we have to Be Sun Safe!

Wait! I got THAT close???

We declared it a draw just to be fair!

See you next week in Middle Earth!

Harvey Button
Middle-Earth Correspondent
Dash Kitten and Harvey Union Jack






Written by Marjorie Dawson

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