This weeks toy is sweet, simple and inexpensive so meet Kitty Boinks!

These simple tubes are springy, robust and heaps of fun for cats and kittens! They are true interactive toys that involve the pet parent as much as the kitties in the family.

Five Paws Up for Kitty Boinks

Each Kitty Boink measures approximately 5″ long and comes in assorted colours at $1 Just check out the review of these cat gems at Nip and Bones – the owners are enthusiastic and…

Wait a minute!! I can PROVE these are awesome – just check out our kitty gymnastics in the pictures below and tell me you don’t believe this is a $1 each well spent!

See you in the Kitty Book playground!

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3 thoughts on “Pet Shopping with Kitty Boinks

  1. NOTHING is as good as Boinks! Our Mom has to ration them out to us because we love them so much, we tend to bite them and chase them and then, lose them under the couch….but just until the Dad does his weekly Boink roundup for us! LOVE the Boinks!

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