Kings River Life Selfie

Kings River Life Selfie

Meet Willow for a Kings River Life selfie! She joins us as our Sunday Selfie guest for the Kitties Blue fantastic weekly blog hop which is packed full to the brim with fabulous fun people you will love meeting!

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Our Kings River Life Selfie

We interviewed Willow’s staff as part of our Worldwide Pet Blogging series yesterday, so pop over and meet Lorie and Merlin too. We love doing the interviews and spotlighting blogs we know you will love reading. KRL are our very first magazine and Mum is a keen reader of their pet rescue stories. They also have a busy mystery novel section, so if you love a cosy mystery you need to check their sidebar!

Kings River Life Willow

Join The Kings River Life Selfie Crew

Don’t forget to grab the badge yourself and strut your selfie stuff for us all to celebrate. Thank you Kitties Blue for so much fun each week, and so many smiles.

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Kings River Life Selfie
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  1. Willow sure has the natural looks and has an excellent Selfie. And that was a lovely interview you did yesterday, too. They sound such a great crew, and we will be adding them to our list list.
    Toodle pip

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