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Cat Technology Drives our Business

Movie Making is our Motivation!

Dash Kitten blog works to create the best ‘cat tech’ reports for our readers and provide PAWesome ‘How To’ pet movie advice.

Dash Kitten is based in New Zealand, often known as Middle-Earth thanks to the amazing movies created by Weta Workshop and director Peter Jackson. From here we reach around the world thanks to our readers; providing a focused and interested audience for our sponsors. 


The content of this blog is Marjorie Dawson’s own opinions and research. I do not reflect the opinions of any organisations I may be affiliated with.  I am not a qualified dietician, veterinary nurse or scientist. My aim is to make these areas less scary for readers and encourage them to investigate further themselves to expand their knowledge.

The information I provide on the blog is for informational purposes only, and provided from the best of my knowledge. I always urge you to consult expert qualified advice when making a decision of importance that affects the health, welfare and lives of you and your pet.  My advice, although well researched, will never replace the qualified knowledge and training of a veterinarian or health professional at any time. When in doubt, always check with an expert in the field on any health, and complex technical issues.

I reserve the right to change the management of our blog at any time as our focus and intentions shift.

Dash Kitten in Detail

We make sure our readers are kept up to date with cat technology and how it benefits and transforms their lives. We also share our movie making expertise so readers can enjoy learning to make movies of their own for fun and profit. Reviews, How-To’s and videos are a major part of the blog’s outreach to our readers.

Dash Kitten was a Triple Finalist in the 2018 Nose to Nose Awards. Best Pet Movie, Best Cat BlogPaws & Founders Award,


Nose to Nose Awards 2018Nose to Nose Awards 2018

Marjorie Dawson the creative behind DashKitten.com 

I am assisted by my feline muses the Dash Kitten Crew. The blog was inspired by Dash Kitten, our rescue cat who was killed in a dog attack. The struggle back from his loss was a very real one, but the determination to honour him won through.

I use my creative talents to feature some of the finest cat technology related products worldwide, and also enable cat lovers and bloggers to enhance their movie making skills.

I am a professional member of the Cat Writers’ Association and have written a popular ebook ‘How to Make Your Pet an Internet Movie Star‘. 50% of the profits on the ebook are donated to Place for Cats, a 501(c )(3) foster network for cats.

Whskr Blogger at Dash Kitten

I am also a BlogPaws Certificate of Excellence winner for ‘Excellence in a Collaborative Blogging Effort‘ for creative story work with Nerissa’s Life and Savannah’s Paw Tracks in 2015.


Meet our major supporters from the past year

Please review our blog posts and movies for our sponsors:

I am a keen movie maker who has experience creating and editing sponsored movies using both smartphones and computers.

I  love using my moving making talents to create some pretty cool videos to promote our sponsors. Please enjoy two of our best movies in 2017.

Dash Kitten Sponsored Video Presentations

Sponsored Video for Tabcat The Top Cat Locator

Launch Video for Neko-Ngeru Cat Adoption Cafe – Petone, New Zealand


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We are ideally placed to spread the word for new sponsors stepping on to the world stage for the first time; or the established businesses consolidating their presence in the minds of cat lovers worldwide.  We also provide sponsored posts for cat brands, and products worldwide. Our sponsored post for major brand Petcube was a finalist in the BlogPaws® Nose to Nose Awards in 2017.

If you need a product reviewed, or a giveaway held (worldwide please), or would love a new Brand Ambassador for your product – contact us, lDash Kitten can help you.

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In March 2017 the blog at Dash Kitten became a proud double Finalist at the BlogPaws 2017 Nose to Nose Awards. BlogPaws is the premiere pet industry awards in which pet bloggers, and social media influencers, are judged on the expertise, performance, and creativity of their entries.  Here is our sponsored post for the stylish Petcube, and our New Zealand duckling rescue video.

 Dash Kitten has Brainy Back-Up

Our Dad is Paul Henderson, also known as Phi. He is a professional ‘Crossword Setter’ and one of Great Britain’s most respected crossword creatives.

Paul has a crossword puzzle blog that he updates regularly, There is often a copy of a free crossword there, but be warned – Phi’s crosswords can be tough! He also appears in the classically focused BBC Music Magazine every month and several British national daily newspapers.