The Catipilla on Kickstarter UPDATE

The Catipilla Cat Tree Climbing Frame, for the Indoor, Outdoor, and Catio loving Feline.    

STOP PRESS – Update.

Over the past month, we have been in discussion with a number of external backers who have taken an interest in securing the long-term future of Catipilla. We’re pleased to report that we have now received confirmation of financial backing that will allow us to continue into commercial production as planned. With this news, we have taken the decision to withdraw our Kickstarter Campaign.

We wish to confirm however that we will be honouring the pledges that have been made during this campaign in recognition of your support. Should you still want to have the option of pre-ordering a Catipilla Pro at your pledge price, please email with your name and pledge details, and we will be in touch shortly. 

May we congratulate Catipilla on attracting investment. We are pleased that this innivative and inspired design will come to market for cat lovers everywhere.

We want to introduce you to something exciting, innovative and 100% fun for cats! This is not a sponsored post, we simply love the whole idea, and are proud to introduce the amazing concept to our readers.

The Catipilla is a stylish, lightweight and easy to install, cat activity climbing frame. It was born from a trio of British cat lovers’ experiences with a senior kitty, Smudge, who could no longer make big leaps. Their question? How could they make Smudge’s life easier while keeping her active? This lead to lot of research and product development as the small team worked to make their dreams, and Smudge’s senior wellbeing, a reality.  

  • You know the really fun part? ALL the cats loved the Catipilla, so a serious cat activity concept was born.

Let us explain the Catipilla ‘modular‘ idea to you. Modular means that it can be put together in a lot of different ways, using the basic pieces, or ‘modules’. The Catipilla is fitted how you want it, where you want it. Check out this visualisation of a house interior with Catipilla!

Catipilla design concept for cats

This must be one of the most innovative cat climbing activity centres ever.  See those horizontal grey sections? Those are cat paw-sized and cat width ‘tread plates’ which allow cats to indulge in the activities they love – jumping, climbing and exploring where humans can’t go! The plates have been specifically designed with good grip, and cat safety in mind. Each plate can be attached to the support, or to walls inside, and outside the house.
CatiPilla Tread Plate for Cats

How Big Will The Catipilla Be?

Here’s the basic starter unit, the ‘Catipilla Pro’. Strong aluminium posts form the backbone, and sturdy tread plates allow plenty of length to walk along.  Pet parents can adjust the set up according to the demands of their cats, lifestyle, home and garden. 

Beyond the basic set up, a successful Kickstarter will allow the production of a more substantial ‘perching’ plate, a rain shelter and, the ultimate luxury, a kitty hamock – these can be seen on Pinterest

We made quick list of where the Catipilla could be fitted :-

  • Internal walls, in a variety of arrangements, so cats can negotiate a path through a house above head height.
  • External house, shed, or outbuilding walls, to a window. 
  • To a post or wall in an outside catio, or garden space.
  • Rescue cat activity rooms
  • Anywhere – its BRILLIANT!!

Finally, The Catipilla and Security

We saw a question online that we are including here, as you may ask it too. Isn’t there a security issue with the outdoor frames being used as steps to get into a home?

No way! The steps are specifically designed to take the weight of a cat, definitely not a human! If anything heavier tries to climb on the plate, the plate itself will slide down the column on a security release mechanism.  No-one get access but us cats. 

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The Catipilla Kickstarter is LIVE NOW!

Catipilla on Facebook
Catpilla’s Web site
Close-up details on Pinterest
Check their Instagram feed

We could rattle on for hours, but check out the video to see this amazing cat climbing idea in action. This shows perfectly how great the whole Catipilla idea really is!

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Long Haired Kitten posing

28 thoughts on “The Catipilla on Kickstarter UPDATE

  1. What an innovative and super cool cat climbing tree. I can see this being super popular at shelters too. I LOVE the concept of the tree not being attached. The mounting separately concept is brilliant and I’ve never seen anything like this before!

  2. This is really neat! It reminds me of those cat bridges/ walkways that people will put up at the ceiling. I think I saw that on Animal Planet or something.

  3. Oh my goodness. This is so cool. You know this reminds me of rock climbing but for cats. We know our little furballs love to explore spaces off the ground. This is a great gift idea for cat parents too.

  4. What a great product! Cats really enjoy, and many times need, to get up off the ground to feel secure. I love the tread on this product and the versatility of it.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  5. What a cool idea!! I can totally understand why this appeals to so many cats, who like to climb and explore. I love that it can allow cats to use windows too (if they are indoor/outdoor cats). I hope the kickstarter is successful for them!

  6. Wow. That looks fun! Bear LOVES his cat tree … so I’d love to take advantage of more ways to give him vertical space. All of you, and especially Dusty, are in our thoughts and prayers. Sending purrs and love to all of you.

  7. Love these! We have a cat wall in our living room that we can pick different pieces for and layout however we want. We love it!!! The Catapilla looks very similar, so we know that it will be a hit! Thanks for sharing about it!

  8. I gotta say, this is what many a cat household needs, for hard to reach windows! In fact the fact that this seems so well thought out safety and security wise, by cat owners for cat owners, makes me think this will be a real winner! Can’t wait to see this on Kickstarter!
    Purrs, Erin

  9. What seems so cool about this is the ability to change things over time. It’s got to be more stimulating than a standing cat tree.

    It would also be a good way to keep kitty out of trouble, say when birds are nesting outside the window. Just change it with the season. Very cool.

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