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International Cat Day 2018

Today August the 8th, is International Cat Day 2018. Did you know that? OK, some people call it national cat day, or world cat day but we think worldwide!

We decided to celebrate International Cat Day by presenting present a round up of some of our most popular cat posts. This will allow new friends to catch up on our fun and games.

Pet Movie Post at Dash Kitten

Our International Cat Day 2018 Roundup

  • PiP Facial Recognition Technology surprised us cats.
  • We smartened up our movie making portal to get ready for our 2018 Movie Challenge
  • Our social media video post works for people, pet bloggers and anyone who want to start movie making
  • Thank you from the cats at Dash Kitten for the support when we joined the Pet Parade as co-hosts.
  • Don’t think you can shoot and edit a movie on your smartphone? We suggest you think again check this out!

International Cat Day

Happy International Cat Day to our movie making, pet loving friends.

The Dash Kitten Crew
International Cat Day
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Written by Marjorie Dawson

Marjorie Dawson, Blogger, Video Maker and Photographer is an established blogger who loves to teach Bloggers about creating their own movies to blow Sponsors away. She also investigates and researches Cat Tech for Dash Kitten blog.

18 thoughts on “International Cat Day 2018

  1. Happy International Cat Day. We love seeing all the great posts today from all the beautiful kittys from all around the world. We hope you all are having a purrfect day, and thank you for the wonderful share.

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