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International Pet Bloggers On the World Wide Web

Sponsors are excited about the worldwide reach achievable with the help of international blogs. Local writers are close to the pulse of a country, able to utilise native languages and idioms, tapping into the local spirit of the times, or zeitgeist.

These blogs are outstandingly good and a lot of fun to read! We have a popular series spotlighting worldwide bloggers – many of whom have attended pet blogging conference BlogPaws®. British bloggers such as Erin the Cat Princess, and Bionic Basil are heading across the world to see, and be seen, by sponsors and learn how to extend their own reach.

The team at Dash Kitten is always keen to spotlight how BlogPaws has helped us as bloggers, and influencers, but we also want to show just how positive international pet blogs can be for sponsors. The outcomes can be beneficial for everyone.

Worldwide Reach A cat and her Blogger Dream

Blogging with a Worldwide Reach can bring Fresh Ideas to Bloggers, and Sponsors 

  1. World-wide bloggers can spread the word to readers in their own countries, in their own languages, spreading a brand’s identity and helping a company consolidate its global reputation. Our friends the Swiss Cats reach blog readers in four languages!
  2. Continental Europe and Australasia can give you, the influencer or sponsor, a different viewpoint and perspective on pet issues.
  3. Pet bloggers worldwide can develop, introduce and confirm trends including whether they will last or fade as they circle the globe through different social environments. 
  4. Overseas influencers can help a sponsor get noticed in other countries in local time. Google Translate helps all of us to read and understand blogs we previously would have ignored. 
  5. Overseas bloggers encourage curiosity in their USA readers. Having friends around the world is seen as a cool thing — differences and similarities allow us to learn new ideas and products in a positive environment our pet blogs.

Worldwide Sponsorship and Things to Think About

The world is connected by people who love their pets. A positive note about a product written in Hamburg will reach all over Germany, then Europe. A post from a cat in Devon has impact through its UK readership, before bounding off to the middle of France and Spain. Local companies can make world-wide impact with small niche products. Worldwide bloggers also help to share the importance of education in pet care and safety, and continue the drive for a better world for our pets; for TNR, cat health and safety, and cat rescues.

  • Through their blogging reach around the world, influencers and sponsors can make a huge impact. A sponsor working with overseas bloggers impresses for their foresight and flexibility. Our major sponsors Petcube, Tabcat and Sureflap reached out to us and we delivered posts worthy of achieving Finalist status in the BlogPaws Nose to Nose Awards, 2017. 

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We blog, you blog, the world blogs and spreads across borders, so we learn, and we discover.  New people, and products, medical and technological developments to help our pets.  How many positive things do you think our continental friends can bring to the blogging and BlogPaws world, working paw-in-paw with our colleagues in America and Canada? The potential is huge, and the benefits to bloggers and sponsors considerable – think worldwide and let your potential grow.

Silver Kitten
Tech Editor and International Blogger
Dash Kitten Silver





36 thoughts on “International Pet Bloggers On the World Wide Web

  1. One of my favorite parts of blogging is having friends from around the world – friends I would never have met if not for blogging. Blogging makes the whole world feel a lot smaller and friendlier

  2. I love interacting with my blogger friends (like YOU!) from around the globe, it’s so interesting to see how other cultures and regions live with pets! I’m super jealous at how much more pet friendly some countries outside the US are. I like your Info-Graphic.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  3. Thank you for this! I am new to blogging circles and I have always been a little concerned about my location in Canada being a detriment to my success. However, this has made me feel a whole lot more excited about being “foreign” LOL!

    1. The only thing that might cause issues is food as far as we can see. Our sponsors have been happy to ship to us in New Zealand, and we are very grateful to them.

  4. What’s great is that bloggers can influence locally and internationally. And brands can choose the type of influence they want for any particular campaign.

  5. You bring up valid points about international bloggers. I can identify with the notion of expanding reach of your readers as I had a company from across the pond contact me about writing for them. How cool that technology has allowed us all to become connected and intertwined. It’s a big world out there and it’s a win win for all as you said.

  6. Since the pet industry is huge world wide it makes sense to have bloggers world wide. If I was an international blogger I would want to do business with those brands that have a presence where I live of course and internationally. This is probably true with the huge brands but smaller ones probably are only available where they are made. Great post!

  7. Very interesting post, Silver Kitten. I particularly follow a lot of international blogs on Instagram, where language is not as important. It has given me an opportunity to engage with people and pets all over the world. I find as an equestrian blogger, there is a large number of my readers in Great Britain, Australia, Germany, and Spain to name just a few.

  8. This is a great point. The world has “shrunk” with our Internet reach. Even with my books now being distributed all over the world, I get messages from people I never expected. AND (unlike Americans) many folks in other parts of the world read and speak several languages so even a blog in English can still be read and valued.

  9. Just because it’s early – or late where we are, doesn’t mean our voices can’t be heard! I have met so many contacts and friends across the miles because of my blog and social sharing.

  10. So true! That’s one of the best things about the internet and social media. Blogging is a great way to spread information and EDUCATE people about important pet-related issues worldwide, especially if you have an international network of friends and fellow bloggers to help get your message out there.

  11. Interesting. We are Canadian and over half of our followers are actually Europeans. We also have a heavy following from Peru and Costa Rica! I am currently looking to have some of my posts available in French and German – two languages I speak fluently. My challenge now is time and how do I do thins right on the blog in terms of layout etc. This international aspect is also one reason that this year we are travelling within Canada since for those readers (and my US readers) it IS an international destination … even if for us it isn’t.

    We have partnered up with The Tropical Dog for BIG dog international travel. She also posts in French as well and English.

  12. Great read!! I’m a Canadian who lived in the States and now blogs from England and Spain. Obviously I’m aware of how much I’ve learned about the differences in attitude, treatment and care available, but I hadn’t thought of that in terms of how attractive that might be to companies wanting to expand their reach. I guess I should try and get noticed!!

  13. Fantastic post! We love to blog, and have met the most wonderful kitties and their hoomans from all over the world, and made great furriends.

    Even though we are in the UK our biggest audience is the USA, purrhaps our adventures are a little to ‘out there’ for the UK audience! MOL MOL

    Happy weekend purrs Basil & Co xox

  14. This community brings us very close together. Sometimes we don’t even notice that we are so far away from each other. We learn and discover a lot of it, but making furriends is the best part of it 🙂 Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend 🙂 <3

  15. friendship, understanding, blog advice, tried and true methods, tips and tricks on everything from treats to health concerns, safety issues on toys, meds…these are just a few of the things we at trout towne have learned from… and shared… during our blogging run with everyone globally

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