There is nothing quite like Black Cat Appreciation Day! Yeah!!! I’m Phoebe Kitten, a black cat myself so I speak from experience and the comfort of a loving home with my paws around a new and very cool book! 

Loving black cats is an art, a skill, a talent more that more humans must cultivate, throwing aside the ignorance and misguided prejudice of past generations to embrace these immensely talented, long haired and short furred panfurs

Back Cats Tell All – The Book

The book came about because Layla Morgan Wilde (editor) had become frustrated at the way black cats were often dismissed, ignored or overlooked at shelters. They were the last to be adopted, often the first to die. She decided to fight back with determination, and a vibrant dose of positivity, mixed with the words and images of black cats themselves, worldwide. 

  • The result is Black Cats Tell All which launches soon. 

It is a book that delights the eye and moves the soul. Page after page displays a collection of cats of such beauty that you can’t believe there is another page then another and another………

Layla has gathered these stellar cats into four seasonal portfolios beginning with Spring. Stories and adventures are told by the cats themselves, and each black cat also has a biography that is a delight to read. Thoughtful cats, pensive cats, fearless cats and a sweet cat with crinkled ears from an encounter with frostbite.

Every Black Cat is a Story 

There are some famous cats included in Black Cats Tell All. Sophie the Model, a beautiful star on Instagram, handsome Ernie from The Island Cats, Cole of ‘Cole and Marmalade’ fame, and our very own fine black cat buddy Parsley from Bionic Basil‘s blog. They stand shoulder to shoulder, and paw to paw, with many other fascinating black cats.

These stories, essays and finely drawn character studies are distributed throughout the book and are a joy and a delight to read. They are moving, brave, sad and above all full of encouragement, love and hope. The stories make the book an enriching experience for anyone who adores cats of any colour, and lovers of our jet black kitty friends. 

Simply put guys, and speaking as a black cat – you need a copy of this book.


Black Cats Tell All Publication Details

We are awaiting full publication details and links. We will pass these on to you as soon as Miss Layla lets us know. We will also add the details to our next mailing list due to go out during the first week of September. 

Layla struggled through many difficulties, with Merlin her muse cat of 21 years, by her side: to edit and create this beautiful book. Although he crossed the Bridge, his determined spirit kept Layla focused on her project and she is to be congratulated on a book that will enchant cat lovers worldwide. 

If you are already keeping an eye open for earlyChristmas gifts then a copy of Black Cats Tell All will be the purrfect gift.

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Black Cat Advocate
Phoebe the kitten cat from Dash Kitten






11 thoughts on “International Black Cat Appreciation Day

  1. Oh my cat ears, I just saw this under a email mountain. Thank you so much for a thoughtful, loving and thorough review. The e-book is available for sale at our website via gumroad, a publishing platform. It’s a special discounted version before the print and e-book launch in September.

  2. I love black cats ! My very first cat was black and lived with me for 20 years ! I never had a cat like her again, she went with me everywhere, shopping, car, beach, came with me to friends just like a little dog. Now I have a tuxi, she is cute but doesn’t like to go out of her comfort zone !

  3. I like black kitties, too…but meezers do not come all black…well you might find an oriental black kitty…but petcretary finds with her allergies, meezers are the least trouble to aggravate this plague as she calls it…do my dark stockings count?? MOL!

  4. I really CANT wait to get this book. It does what we all have wished for and thats to help black cats that are no different under the fur to any other, the place deserve and adoption across the world. Great post, and thanks for sharing this wonderful book.

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