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Instagram Alerts & Wrecked Cat Flap Selfies

Instagram Alerts & Wrecked Cat Flap Selfies

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Today’s selfie may be the world’s first wrecked cat flap selfie and I am including some important information for any of our selfie pals who are on Instagram.

Why add an Instagram Alert?

There is a serious reason but first…. the wrecked cat flap selfie.

Wrecked cat flap image
Oh my CAT!

A wild yowling,

a CRASH…..

the clatter of a cat flap flying across the room……

Marjorie and Paul rushing into the living room alarmed at the racket! Cats (identities unknown..) disappearing in a flurry of fur and a flash and then……… Silence!

You can see the results in the photograph. The mending happened after the fractured cat flap was ‘repaired’ until we could buy another flap which we did the following day. The repair did not work ‘well’ but it kept the icy cold out. (Remember it is winter here at the moment.) After we installed the new cat flap it’s shiny clarity puzzled the cats, but they are OK now.

Instagram and Scammed Accounts

Why add this to such a fun post? I know several friends here have Instagram (IG) accounts and what I have to say is important.

  1. Ensure that the birthday on your IG account is YOUR OWN, not your cats. Our friend Keith the Cat Cow who has over 10,000 followers had his own birthday on his account (not his mom’s) and is fighting to get his account back because Instagram think he is too young. There is a lower age limit on IG, remember.
  2. Follow this account for solid and trustworthy advice Cats Against Hacking. They post regularly about what you need to do to keep safe. I trust them.
  3. Install two-factor identification on your IG account. Yes, do it now.
  4. Don’t click or trust any DM received including friends (they may not realise they have been hacked/scammed).
  5. Do not click or open any links including any friendly person offering to let you be an ‘influencer’ for them.

Now for the world premiere on our blog of the ‘Thomas refuses the Cat Flap’.

The Wrecked Cat Flap Selfie Movie

This Reel was posted to Instagram and clocked up over 4,000 in its first 24 hours. Obviously it hit a lot of funny bones even for a short upright smartphone movie!

OK Have a good week everyone and I hope Thomas made you giggle.

Marjorie Dawson

Marjorie is a motorbike riding blogger and award winning cat photographer who believes that everyone can shoot and edit wonderful pictures they love regardless of the camera they use.

She is a Professional member of the Cat Writers Association, Kuykendall Image Award winner and published photographer at the Guardian newspaper.

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9 thoughts on “Instagram Alerts & Wrecked Cat Flap Selfies”

  1. I don’t spend time on IG. I keep meaning to … but stuff like this gives me the perfect excuse to procrastinate (truthfully, I don’t need an excuse. Haha)!

  2. I hope Thomas has figured out the new cat flap by now!! That new one is so clear!! Maybe the kitties thought it was glass?

    I don’t use my IG except when others want me see something on theirs. I don’t think I even added my BD? Same with FB…I mostly do not use that either.

  3. Ahaha I did get a laugh from your video! And I’m glad the cat flap is all fixed now. That’s good advice about Instagram. I’m frustrated with the number of “you’ve won something” followers, and inappropriate recommendations.

  4. Wow, that old cat flap does look to be quite done. Maybe more than one cat tried to go through (quickly!) at the same time? In any case, we are glad you managed to get a new one. Now, if only Thomas would use it. MOL!


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