In Memoriam Timmy Lipenda

In Memoriam Timmy Lipenda

We didn’t want to write our In Memoriam for Tiny Timmy Lipenda so soon.

Like so many of his thousands of supporters worldwide – we continued to hope for a miracle for the wobbly wonder boy and his mum Claudia TIetze after his recent diagnosis of a very rare form of cancer.

We join our friends with hearts full of grief as we have lost a truly magnificent fighter and a loving cat buddy. We send our condolences to Claudia who never gave up on Timmy. She changed the world for him and we have all been lucky enough to share their journey.


I loves you all & has sum very sadly mews. Last night I lost control of mai hind quarters so mai peep made an…

Posted by Timmy Lipenda on Tuesday, 9 February 2016


After a horrifying ‘touch and go’ start with life, almost beyond the imagination of a movie scriptwriter, Tiny Timmy Lipenda grew up to be a story of hope, love and a fight so strong that he will continue to change the world, even though he is gone. Timmy and Claudia fought to warn pet owners of the dangers of cheap ‘Over The Counter’ (OTC) flea treatments, documenting fatal tragedies and pinpointing the causes so they could warn others. Timmy’s mum has become a fearsome fighter against these dangerous OTC remedies, ultimately developing the world-famous Dirty Flea Soap as a safe and viable alternative.

Timmy Lipenda having ‘Acupooky’

Tiny Timmy, with the support of many wonderful friends worldwide, had his regular ‘accupooky’ and other treatments, and has been a testament to how good therapies and remedies can be found to give hope to cats like himself.

Tiny Timmy The Legacy

  • Made in the U.S.A. Dirty Flea Soap – 100% pet (and human) safe and natural. Check out the testimonials for proof.
  • The Timmy Stones – a gift to the world. A memorial to those lost to OTC remedies, starting with Oliver.
  • – Packed with information on toxic remedies and what to do when the worst happens. The information is timeless and always relevant.
  • Alternatives to OTC treatments – Timmy site

Join us in celebrating, as Timmy requests, his wonderful life. Look at The Legacy – read what positive things you can do. Support the fight for safe flea treatments. Encourage their use. Comments are disabled for this post. FB people may wish to leave a comment on Timmy’s page – it will be a help and a comfort to Claudia.

Timmy Lipenda Graphic