Today is a tribute to a joyful spirit we have loved to visit with the Sunday Selfies for many months. We heard the desperate news from his Mum that the Purrince passed suddenly this past week and our hearts broke.

We wish to celebrate Siddartha Henry/Heintje of the NylabluesMom blog. A cat loved by so very many friends. This post is dedicated to a cat we loved and miss because Buddha Cat called him Home.


In Memoriam Purrince Siddartha Henry/Heintje

Sometimes a friend passes and we feel sad. Other times a thunderbolt hits you through the heart in spite of distant warnings and previous illness. So it is with Purrince Siddartha Henry/Heintje.

We followed the joyful times he loved going out in his harness and enjoyed being outdoors, and we followed the trials and struggles of the illness that finally overcame him.

His vibrant and playful spirit came across in the blog posts we all loved to read. We smiled, we laughed at his mischief and we worried when he took a turn for the worst. People were always ready with an encouraging word, a gift, and helpful advice for their beloved friend.

When a vet recommended the Purrince be sent over the Bridge his mum refused and fought on for him for many months. We could sense his LadyMum was profoundly distressed at the suggestion so many rallied round to give her strength and encouragement.

Purrince Siddartha

Sweet Prince, you will be missed by your LadyMum, by us here at Dash Kitten, and hundreds of friends scattered around the world. The Meezers and Terriersitical Woofs have done some splendid tribute images.

We finish our In Memoriam with a quote from Hamlet by British playwright William Shakespeare. It is spoken by Hamlet’s best friend Horatio.

“Now cracks a noble heart. – Good night, sweet prince, And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!”

Farewell Siddartha Henry.

Please visit his LadyMum here to offer love and encouragement in her time of great grief.

Dash Kitten

Peanut and Marjorie at Dash Kitten

15 thoughts on “In Memoriam Purrince Siddartha Henry

  1. Such a beautiful tribute fur a beautiful little soul, Siddhartha mew will be missed terribly and we’re so sorry mew had to depart OTRB… we’re sending oodles of comforting purrs to your mom and mew’re both in our purrayers.

    Rest in peace little dude…


    Basil & Co xox

  2. We were so sad to hear the Purrince Siddhartha had joined the other befores, but we know he is no longer distressed and in pain. We are sad for his Lady Mom and we send her many purrayers and love
    Marv and Mom

  3. What a sweet touching & lovely tribute to Purrince Siddhartha Henry/Heintje Marjorie. Your grace is so evident in your post. Many heartfelt thank you’s for taking the time to write such a post. Of course I’m crying as I type my comment to you. Tomorrow (Tuesday) it will be one week w/out P SH; I still cry most of the day…..nights are not much better.
    The Vet we used the last 2 years was very kind & gentle with us. He examined my arm & eye & checked P SH. He said the Panleukopenia was getting worse there was no telling what would happen if P SH had an ‘episode’ again. So with a broken heart we helped him to Pure Land. Now he is safe, no longer confused, fearful; in pain. I miss my ‘littul man’ so much…..
    Love & gratitude Sherri-Ellen x0x0

  4. I already miss my Buddy Siddhartha,it will be sad not to see his mischief making anymore…..I guess we will all have to do a bit for him instead.thanks for such a lovely tribute to him,xx Speedy

  5. We, too, are gutted at Siddhartha’s passing. We will love and miss our friend always, and are sending gentle purrs and prayers of comfort to dear LadyMum.

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