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Farewell to a Host of Dear Friends

Pet loss hit hard this week. Today we learned that two dear friends @Smokey8 and @Picklemagnet have passed away. This alongside the loss of Keisha dog, Jami from @MizzBassie and @HomerBlindCat means our hearts are too full of grief for our usual cheery post.

Pet Loss Memories

May I say a few words on each of our departed friends, I won’t stay long……?

Homer – the tributes have been many and heartfelt, how can we add more except to thank Gwen for her book, her love, and Homer’s whole life.

Jami – beloved friend of @MizzBassie a great friend and supporter of ours on Twitter. A tribute? I can do no better than direct you to the gracious words of Sparklecat – I could not say it better, or in words more deeply felt, Sparkle speaks for many of us. Magda and family, your grief is ours.

@Smokey8 – The news is so fresh I am not up to speed on the details but I need to say this – without Smokey and his wonderful Mum, our many joyful fundraising parties would be much MUCH poorer places. Smokey donated prizes from many Twitter anipal shops, thus supporting them and also enriching the pawties they donated to – they spread their good fortune to every corner and our debt to them is immense. The impact they have made on individual lives and charities cannot be calculated. Teresita, the loss of Smokey will be mourned by all of his Twitter friends.

Keisha – Keisha’s blog was always a joy to visit. Gentle news, family updates, a smile and a treat. The daily record of a dog living with quiet joy with Mum and Dad; each post a thoughtful reflection on life’s good things, its hopes and worries, and walks. How DR’s job hunt was going, the pleasure of sitting beside Dad watching the teevee, life’s simple things.  Keisha has gone – I want her Mum and Dad to know that I will miss her greatly.

@Picklemagnet – was a sweet Twitter friend, British catizen and proud member of the #wlf who fought illness and whose passing we mourn. Brofur Dash stands in silence holding his beret and weeping for his lost pal.  Stand proud Accrington – you lost a great catizen today.


11 thoughts on “Farewell to a Host of Dear Friends

  1. It has been a really rough month. We have lost a lot of friends. I was really sad about Jami – my human and i were so moved by the positive energy his transport inspired. I honestly think his message to the universe was within that one awesome day. Thanks for sharing my tribute!
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