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In Memoriam Nylablue

We have lost a special cat and our Memorial tribute to Nylablue is written with tears. Go read her farewell post – be moved and humbled by her gratitude and her huge amount of love. Comments have been disabled on this post, please visit Nylablue blog to leave a message of love for her and her Mum.

Nylablue was a best friend to her Mum Sherri and to us all, and her wonderful cat speak posts made us all smile.  Nylablye fought ill health for some time and thanks to the gracious and loving help of friends was granted extra time on earth to share her love and her time with her Mum.

Rest in Peace Nylablue, Really Special, Amazing, and Wonderful Cat.

Everyone Loves Nylablue

Miranda Kitten

Written by Marjorie Dawson

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