In Memoriam @Morriscat

In Memoriam @Morriscat

Mum was on her way home from Europe when she heard that our Twitter pal @Morriscat has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. We had hoped against hope that his illness could be beaten, that our wonderful Scottish friend would be with our crazy cat crew for much longer. This is one farewell we did not want to write.

Morris’ mum @NellieJean has been moved by the many expressions of support and love since Morris went. She said that she wanted to thank people personally, but it was very hard when you can’t type for the tears. So, don’t think your message was overlooked – NJ and Mr L appreciate every single one.

Morris was a ginger charmer with a spirit of reckless adventure that, most memorably, saw him tightrope walking along the window ledge three high floors up, when his family moved into their new flat. We seem to remember Mr L coaxed him off the ledge, while NJ was sent from the room – scared stiff she would cause him to jump! When you say the window from ground level we were all white with fright. Morris was subsequently confined to #wlf barracks until adequate protection could be installed!

We will miss Morris, his humour and his boundless sense of fun. Farewell wonderful ginger ninja, you will always be our special Scottish friend and proud #WLF member. Ave et Vale Morriscat.

Harvey Button, Miranda Kitten and Silver Kitten
Team Dash May 2014

  1. What a numbing shock to learn of dear @Morriscat passing. Your write-up on him was so lovely, @whskr. I haven’t been online much lately, and this was a much gentler pill to swallow than hearing it on the timeline. Thank you.
    Lots of Anipal Love,

  2. We loved Morris so very much. Thank you for honoring him here and we run free on our clouds. Hug u!

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