In Memoriam Bode @4catsstrapski

Yesterday evening, as Miranda was flying her mission with #TheAviators, we heard that our dear pal @4catsstrapski had crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He had not been well for a while but his loss leaves us heartbroken.  The Candle Page is here please visit. We have added the poem from Vincent Rocket to our post.

He has been the light of his Mum’s life – like us she is probably trying to be brave – but like us she grieves deeply. Our friend @NewtTheCat wrote these words in the comments below and we thank him for giving voice to our hearts :-

Bode’s voice was heard around the world, and positively affected so many – more than his mom can ever know. Gentlest of hugs and shared tears.

Bode was a long time Twitter regular, fun and one of our earliest friends and I hope to add a tribute from his close friends, but for now – we send our condolences to a wonderful WONDERFUL friend on her loss.


some bright sunny day…….
a poem by Vincent Rocket

az wee look back at da times wee shared….
wee remba da laffs…..
da fun….
and how much yoo cared.

always der for a pal in need…
no questions asked…
just racin to der side wif great kitty kat speed.

da funny pictures yoo sent everyday made us laff..
da silly pictures for sure were top ov da class!

wee remba yoos weddin….
mee waz der dat day….
mee waz honored to be der on dat beautiful day.

but wee must let yoo go now az yoos new journey begins….
i looked to da stars last night and mee waz sure…
mee heard violins.

wee luv yoo Bode…
in our hearts yoo will stay….
and someday wee bee togetha again some bright sunny day.

luv yoo…

Bode relaxing

Written by Marjorie Dawson

Marjorie Dawson, Blogger, Video Maker and Photographer is an established blogger who loves to teach Bloggers about creating their own movies to blow Sponsors away. She also investigates and researches Cat Tech for Dash Kitten blog.

13 thoughts on “In Memoriam Bode @4catsstrapski

  1. RIP Bode! You will certainly be missed on twitter. The kittehs and I send purrs, comfort, and loving thoughts to his family and closest friends.

  2. I was truly sadden to hear about Bode’s going #OTRB.. I knew he wasn’t feeling well but I never realized he would leave us.. I will always remember Bode & his mom, hope they continue tweeting to us.. *leaky eyes*

  3. *soft paw* Beautifully said .. some anipals walk in and out of your life but the special ones leave footprints on your heart. Bode was one of those. We were lucky to be friends with him and will never forget him.

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