@CheshireK In Memoriam

Our buddy CheshireK long time Twitter pal has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Our Thankful Thursday post expresses our sadness at the loss of a friend who never left our hearts. Cheshire was a strong supporter of the famous Twitter pawties as part of the Sekurity team and although his family got busy saving rescue cats and having a good job Cheshire was never forgotten.

His bete noir Reggie misses him, so do the Cheeses – who are a story in themselves.
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Thankful Thursday

The #Angelgang

In memoriam Angelgang

In Memoriam Ruby Daetwyler-West

We are joining today’s blog hop with Brian and his family to celebrate one of our oldest friendships, with our friends Roger and Linda who live in England, and pay tribute to the lovely cat they have lost.

Mum was bridesmaid at Linda and Roger’s wedding, which still brings back joyful memories so many years later; and on a visit to England a few years ago, we enjoyed visiting them and catching up. We met Ruby then and it was with great sadness that we heard a few days ago that Ruby had suddenly died in an accident.

Ruby Daetwyler-West

Ruby was as loved, and spoiled as any cat I know and her death has hit her family hard. Linda and Roger have lost a family member and we hope that this tribute can be our memorial to a wonderful cat who meant the world to two of our dearest friends. The memorial notice below says more than we ever could about the loss of a dearly loved cat who now waits for her mum and dad across the Rainbow Bridge.

Marjorie and Harvey Button
Thankful Thursday





Brewskie Butt Tribute To a Twitter Friend

Brewskie Butt, our ginger ninja Twitter buddy of long long standing has gone. He crossed the Bridge, leaving behind grieving friends who remember his vibrant and lively presence on Twitter, and who welcomed his repartee at the many parties we all used to attend together, as well as the fundraisers we all supported with such commitment and enjoyment.

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his mom BZTAT has written here.

Brewskie Butt …. Do You Remember?

I came across one of the Brew’s Posse posts from 2009!

What the heck, what happened to all the time in between? The post we found perfectly captures the joy, and fun and commitment of the animal Twitter community. It is something those of us who where on Twitter in the early days treasure with all our hearts – those were good times.
[Twitter] is a very positive and supportive group that chronicles the lives of pets and other animals and is dedicated to making the world a better place for critters.” – Vicki Boatright
How many of you remember the parties on Tweetgrid and the mad flurries as we all tried to keep up and catch up, and say hi to everyone. 
The Brew’s Twitter account is filled with some of the most awesome pictures of our friend, so please, take a moment to go and enjoy them. Brewskie Butt and his buddy Perry the Birman rocked the happiest times with us on Twitter and his loss strikes deep in our hearts.
Thank You Graphic Dash Kitten

Thank you for the fun, and the laughter Brewskie Butt.

A Snatch of Poetry for Brewskie Butt

We close our farewell with a verse of poetry that captures the spirit of our friend better than we ever feel we could.
Rarely, rarely, comest thou,
Spirit of Delight!
Wherefore hast thou left me now
Many a day and night?
Many a weary night and day
‘Tis since thou are fled away.
Farewell wonderful friend. Thank you some unforgettable times. For laughter, and cheer, for adding such joy and richness to our lives.
Marjorie and the
Dash Kitten Crew
Team Dash Kitten<

Flynn of Two Devon Cats In Memoriam

FLYNN of Two Devon Cats

How we met Two Devon Cats 

Flynn the ginger tabby from Two Devon Cats has been on our visit list since we became blog fans during the Sunday Selfies blog hop. We have visited for the Selfies every week, and looked forward to seeing Flynn walk the green fields around his home, enjoying a sunpuddle or two.  Sadly, we discovered the gingers after Flynn had lost his brofur Eric and so missed seeing them blog together.  

  • We would like to pay tribute to a Ginger Ninja on Thankful Thursday with Brian and his fur family. Thank you Jackie and Ivor for sharing Flynn with us all.

Many of you know and participate in the Sunday Selfies, and love Flynn as much as we do. Thanks to the Selfies and Kitties Blue, we made a point each week of visiting – the hop is a great reminder to go and visit. 

The pet blogging, and cat blogging, community is a close-knit one, in spite of the fact that we are spread around the globe. We drop into each others living rooms and no-one needs to worry about hoovering. We share triumphs and, sometimes, sadness and feel the hurt of a loss very deeply.

Fly Free brave Flynn, fighter against illness, and ginger ninja.

The Dash Kitten Crew
Pet Food Snob





Tsk In Memoriam

We cannot write much as we do not have a many details, but we have learned of the sudden passing of Tsk, beloved cat of long time Twitter friend, and generous fund-raiser colleague, Dana Pixie and husband Jim. The loss of such a lovely boy has hit all of his friends very hard.

Tsk In Memoriam

The loss of Tsk is immense, he was known to so many, and accepted the arrival of the late Ingrid Trinka’s little dog Daffy with grace and aplomb. They became buddies.

Tsk was so deeply loved, and held in such high regard that his loss will be felt by many around the cat and dog world.

I am sure moves will be afoot to provide a fitting memorial to Tsk. We will try to include details when they become available.

Please offer your condolences to @Danapixie on Twitter, or on Facebook.

The Dash Kitten Crew
Team Dash Kitten