IBS in Kitties

IBS in Kitties

For Thankful Thursday e want to express our thanks to the people who recommended a site for our recently departed Nemo (celebratory blog post coming soon!) Even if you don’t have a kitty with a tender or irritable bowel you will know someone who does.

  • Meet IBD KITTIES – home of all things cat and tummy issues. Invaluable, helpful and friendly.

We are thankful they were recommended to us, IBD Kitties helped us cope with Nemo much better, and made his time with us much more comfortable, as we were more informed about what we needed to do, to make his time with us more comfortable.

Miranda Kitten
Editor in Chief











PepiSmartDog Hosts the hop






  1. Thanks for sharing this resource with others who are caring for pets with IBD. Having this resource must have been a comfort to you as you helped Nemo be a comfortable as possible. So sorry for your loss. Creating a celebratory post about Nemo is a kind way to honor him.

  2. guys…de IBD kitties site iz a wealth oh info for those kneadin ta know de hows, whyz, wherz & all de stuff inn bee tween….alex’s mom has like seer ee iz lee putted 90 baziilion hourz in two it…thanx miranda for thiz post !

  3. Hello there, I looked at your “Linky” site but is this where you join because I too have a beautiful orange & white boy named Marco that IBD has destroyed him and financially ruined me. Marco has many ” followers” from a particular FB site that just for cats in general. Since he became acutely severely ill I have publicly shared his story in real time so that it may save others. Marco has now the whole package that comes with this and now is Insulin Dependent . Please help me to join. Thank you.

    1. Susan, firstly thank you for commenting. OK, let’s see if we can help. Marco seems to have been through the mill and sharing is a big help when you are worried or stressed.

      You seem to have confused the blog hop and the IBS site we feature, or did I get that wrong? I can honestly say that IBD Kitties has a lot of information on it – we found it to be a really helpful guide and I know you would value it. You say you are on FB, can I ask – are you part of the IBD Kitties FB group? We joined it but Nemo passed before we could ask for help there. If you have experience yourself, it might be the place to pass on your knowledge and, maybe, get encouragement and support to it may be worth your participating.

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