How To Make Smartphone Movies with Cats

Welcome to my smartphone movie skillbuilder page. Start your own movie making journey here. There are beginner tips, editing ideas and social media help for you and any rescues you might make movies for.

Any questions or problems? You can always Email Me.

Closeup of a smartphone being used for blogging by a pet blogger

5 Beginner Tips

Start here. I mean it!

Find the right way to hold your smartphone, how to stop wobbly videos and how to work with sound. These tips will have you creating good clips fast.

Picture of a compact camera

Compact Camera Movies? Yes you can.

You do not need a smartphone to make a short movie of your own.

If your compact takes video clips, you can make a movie. There is a different workflow but it is possible. Give it a try.

Boost Social Media for You and for Rescues

With this award-winning post, you will take big steps towards better blogging videos.

Make your movies an asset to a local rescue to your own pet blog.

Sam the Cat Glow and Gleam App Sample 2

Make The Perfect Cat Movie

What you need. How to make a start and how to have a lot of fun.

There are app tips, social media sharing tips and ideas to get you started!

Closeup of a smartphone being used for blogging by a pet blogger

Fast, Fun, Instant

The upsides and downsides of making an instant fast and furious no edit movie.

Yes, you can do it but what do you need to know to get started? How do you succeed when you don’t have time to edit?

Excietement and action in this cat photograph taken with a Canon 1300D DSLR

Grow Your Skills

Every small individual step helps you grow with these tips and tricks.

From using iMovie templates to working with different types of light and making sure your videos get seen. Confidence building starts here.

Any Questions? Get in Touch

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