The How to Make a Pet Movie eBook

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We are introducing a Buy Now option for our Pet Movie Making eBook

‘How to Make Your Pet an Internet Movie Star’

The cost of the 35+ page downloadable ebook will be $10. We will be donating 50% of the cost of the ebook to Place for Cats, our nominated foster network charity who are based in New York City.

  • So many people ask us how to make a good movie – we created our popular ebook just for you.

Once a purchase has been made, the ebook will arrive in your inbox as soon as we can grab an ecopy and send it. That’s FAST! 

Excerpts from our Popular eBook:

How do I make a video?

One of the most important steps in movie making is how to hold the camera. “Portrait – When you hold your smartphone to make a call, this is how you hold it. It is so comfortable to make calls that we think video shooting works this way too.

Why portrait? The name ‘portrait’ comes from when artists painted pictures of famous people in oil paints. These could be half or full-length, and as people tend to grow upwards, the portrait format was born. No selfies in those days but it’s the same idea…..”

Developing Your Pet Movie Idea

“Planning is a vital part of your professional movie making approach. It is important, especially when you aim to create a ‘look at me’ movie that may bring your pet mega stardom, or impress a sponsor by spotlighting their product, that your movie is the product of a polished (planned) shoot.

People plan and develop in different ways. Here are some you can try…….”

Shooting Tips

We take such great images on our smartphones that we might forget that the sensors are not quite as sophisticated as big money film cameras. When you shoot video always be conscious of the light and shade around you…”

“You won’t always have control over the sound around you, but don’t stress. Being conscious of the amount of ambient noise, and anything that might not sound good on film is part of your developing movie maker’s skill set.”

” Music can set the scene for your movie, add drama and excitement, or a relaxed positive ambience. So, take time to choose a suitable soundtrack, if you plan to incorporate one.”

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