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Are Probiotics Helpful for Senior Cats?

How helpful are probiotics for senior cats? Are they as useful for old cats as they are for young and growing adult cat family members? Let me introduce you to the best probiotics for cats – Humarian.

I have been asked about probiotics for senior cats, and also for senior dogs. It’s been a popular topic since my first cat probiotics review. For this post, I want to show how probiotics benefit the older pet. I am focusing on Harvey our rescue senior.

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Harvey’s Probonix was supplied to us by Humarian free of charge. We only share news and products that are relevant to our readers. The opinions here are 100% our own and we are responsible for the researched content of this post. We are not vets and this does not constitute medical advice.  

Meet Mr Picky a Humarian Cat

Harvey should be called Mr Picky. He wasn’t always a fan of probiotics and like many cats, he hates (most) powdered supplements on food. He would rather starve than eat anything that isn’t ‘real food’. He also turns up his nose at the expensive specialist renal food I have been able to find. Know that feeling of frustration?

At 15 Harvey a senior rescue cat and hoarder survivor who has been through some tough times. As a conscientious pet parent, I knew I had to find something to bolster his physical well-being as he got older.

As he is a cat with diagnosed with kidney issues, I monitor his digestion and senior kidney function, and my hope was to find a gentle and supportive product I could trust to help.

I was on the lookout for a palatable probiotic and I had a eureka moment on a visit to BlogPaws® USA. I met the folks at Humarian. Speaking to them at length was really helpful and allowed me to make an informed choice.

They have probiotic information on their website too. Humarian knows their product and is ready to help if you have questions. I am also able to contact Humarian if you have any questions about Probonix.
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For cat and dog households using Humarian probiotics, the benefits are the same. The difference is the number of daily drops of Probonix. Six drops of Humarian probiotics a day for cats and eight drops for dogs.

Bacteria Boost Senior Cat Gut Health

Cat senior health issues include things like runny poop or bad breath. These problems are best fought at the most basic level of cat health, in your cat’s gut. Crazy as this sounds 70 to 90% of a cat’s immune system lives in one place, its gut.  This is the essential point you as a cat parent need to remember. Had I known there were probiotics for cats with diarrhoea, I could have made our senior Dusty more comfortable too.

My takeaway from not being able to help Dusty? Be ready explore every avenue, discover everything you can.

To give a cat a chance of enjoying its senior years you need to ensure they get regular probiotics that work for them. As Mr Picky refuses most powdered supplements (except his New Zealand Pet Mussel). There are, I was reassured to read, no probiotics side effects.

I knew Humarian Probonix was the way to go.

Let me give you a quick rundown on why Probonix works for cats. Some of these are real benefits for every pet parent as well as your seniors:

  1. More bacteria make it to the gut thanks to the proprietary carrying formula of Probonix. A cat’s stomach can destroy bacteria before they even get to work in the gut, so this is important.
  2. The probiotics are in a liquid that is organic, non-GMO and contains absolutely no sugar.
  3. It’s tasty and has a nice liver flavour. (Harvey wanted you to know this)
  4. A dose is only six drops a day for a cat. A bottle lasts 30 days.
  5. Per Parents can be proactive and give their cats probiotics at the same time that they start a dose of antibiotics. Check with your vet. Most are happy to agree as probiotics are a real help in gut recovery.
  6. If your senior cat has Irritable Bowel Disease I recommend this page by IBD Kitties for specific probiotics information.
  7. You do not need to refrigerate the bottle of drops, even after opening. You can take a bottle with you when you travel without worrying about it spoiling.
Senior Humarian Probonix

How About Probiotic Wet Cat Food?

This comes up in chats with people often so, let me discuss it for completeness.

I have investigated wet probiotic food. I read that the processing of wet cat food destroys many of the beneficial bacteria a senior cat might need. Supplements would have to be added later in the manufacturing process. Fair enough maybe, but I didn’t feel too confident the foods would have what my cat needs.

Helping the immune system and digestion of an older cat can make their lives a lot more relaxed and happy. Probonix drops enhance well-being and encourage a healthy gut with no fuss and I love that.

Reassurance for Senior Cat Owners

If you feel you need confirmation about what probiotics are and what they can do, ask your veterinarian. Probonix is not medicine but a valuable boost to a cat’s health. I appreciate it for the gentle benefits it brings to Harvey’s health.  You can also read a user-friendly explanation of the science of probiotics here if you need one.

I knew that I had hit the jackpot with Humarian probiotics for Harvey. I also know that your senior cat will benefit too. Harvey eats the drops on his food or dropped on to his daily portion of treats, so you have the endorsement from one enthusiastic and happy senior cat.

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24 thoughts on “Are Probiotics Helpful for Senior Cats?”

  1. Wow! 70 to 90% of a cat’s immune system is in their gut!?
    I can definitely understand why probiotics makes sense. Plus, a definite bonus to not have to deal with runny poops ; )

      • Do you think , that it would till work on an elderly cat when there constipated and there poop is hard and small ones??

  2. Gosh! They are making things with more ways of getting our picky eaters to take them! Nellie would turn her nose up at EVERYTHING! And trying to pill her…forget about it! Something like these would have been perfect! Thanks for telling us about them!

  3. I totally believe in probiotics for both us humans and our pet! It’s great to hear Harvey is doing well on it, although, I am not surprised! Thanks for the great review and info, and I’m Pinning on my Mews News board to share!

  4. So glad to hear that the probiotics are helping Harvey so much! I may have to look into this for our cat as she ages, our dogs too. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I’m glad Harvey is doing so well with probiotics! I know several humans who believe that probiotics really help them stay healthy.

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  7. Shared! Thanks for sharing this probiotics product. I totally understand Harvey’s point about NOT wanting to eat powdered supplements. Yuck. My Dusty wasn’t a fan either before she passed. She did much better with liquid supplements, similar to this product just like Harvey. I’m glad he’s doing well on this. With quality supplementation and lots of love, he’s got plenty of senior years ahead of him. 🙂

  8. I find the microbiome research coming out for pets and humans fascinating. There is no doubt that gut health and bacteria can affect many aspects of mental and physical health. I too was impressed by Humarian and their Probiotics (apparently many brands/products do very little for dogs and cats as the bacteria do not make it through in any variety or quantity etc). Thanks for reminding me as I will go and check them out again.

  9. I am so afraid to try anything like this. I know it’s irrational – but my heart outweighs my logic when it comes to cats. Kitty was fairly stable when we moved and switched vets. First visit, the vet told me she could help make Kitty better with a supplement. And within 6 months, Kitty was dead. That’s still hard to say over 11 years later. And I hold myself responsible.

  10. I am so happy Harvey is doing well on the probiotics as I am sure that has made your life a lot more at ease. I have been giving Layla lately a tsp of Kefir which is a Lebanese yoghurt which has probiotics and she loves it and it is working really well for her.

  11. I’m glad to know Harvey is doing well on Probiotics! We have some samples from BlogPaws that we have tried with Ruby, but haven’t tried yet with the kitties. You have inspired me to give it a try.

  12. Looks like an interesting product for sure. I don’t have any cats, but I do give probiotics to my dogs. My older boy especially. He’s always had a wonky tummy and probiotics do seem to help him a bit.

  13. I used to use probiotics for Angel Minko, but since he had to be hand fed, it was easy enough to use a powdered form. Or a really small capsule, I just enclosed it in his morsel of food…just as I did with his other meds.
    Right now Pipo could maybe try something like this new liquid product on his nightly wet food treat.

    Good to know that Harvey approves of it:)

  14. Excellent article, and a great product too. I know from your reports that this has helped Harvey so very much, so great to spread the word…


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