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How a Filter Can Change Your Cat Photos

This weekend I wanted to relax with some low-stress photography fun to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

Filter App Photo Lab

I dipped into a recent discovery, the app Photo Lab. I renewed my subscription because I am pleased with the results and the range of interesting updates they roll out on a regular basis.

The way the filters transform a photograph means you can tailor your images to your aims.

Oscar How a Filter Can change Your Cat
Oscar ©

Meet Oscar, he is a cafe cat who recently began a trial to see if he would fit in with a family. Sadly it didn’t work out but his time will come!

Although the picture is not perfect I resisted the temptation to adjust it and instead I tried a few Photo Lab filters. The results are pretty amazing.

A filter can make a subtle change or a dramatic shift to how a photograph looks. Check out the three samples of Oscar’s portrait.

Salmonberry Filter Drama

How a Filter Can Change
Salmonberry Filter Photo Lab Filters ©

The shadows behind Oscar in the original photograph might look gloomy and frustrate a photographer unless they used a soft flash or reflector to remove it but in the Salmonberry filter it sets off the richly coloured ginger fur with a touch of dark drama.

This is a picture that will really catch the eye from a distance.

Starry Night Filter Transofrmation

Starry Night Amazxing Filter Change
Starry Night Filter ©

In this dramatic nighttime filter, inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s painting ‘The Starry Night’ painted in 1889, and currently in the Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA. The background is given a lot of texture very much like an artist’s brush strokes and the highlights seem touched by moonlight.

A filter like this would make a dramatic statement. It transforms a simple portrait into something really dramatic.

Oscar Bokeh Filter

Oscar here his been given a simple shimmering effect with the ‘bokeh’ filter. A picture like this could have a text overlay added, or a cute sticker placed on it for extra fun.

I made some adjustments to the digital image for this last picture. I lightened Oscar’s body, and then moved in and brightened his eye. These slight adjustments mean the softly sparkling bokeh effect doesn’t overwhelm him.

In photography, bokeh (/?bo?ke?/ BOH-kay; Japanese: [boke]) is the aesthetic quality of the blur produced in the out-of-focus parts of an image produced by a lens. Bokeh has been defined as “the way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light”.


If you think these are fun, they are the tip of a creative iceberg, you might want to push the envelop a little further and add multiple photographs to a single filter. Don’t just stick to our Photo Lab app, see what your own favourite has to offer.

Multiple Collage Filter 3D Film Strip

Multiple Collage Film Strip

You may recognise some of the images used in the film strip. There are several of Harvey Button and Spot from the cat cafe. if you look carefully, you can see the images repeat although they are so spread out there is a really effective rhythm to the display.

This works for any pet too OK? I just happen to be a huge cat fan but I can see this working for dogs, rats and rabbits too.900

Film strip multiple collage image

This layout is a touch more ‘vintage-y’.

There is a golden tinge to the background that sets off the film strip look. As there are only ten image options there is a repeat of two pictures but the overall effect is fun.

Terracotta Warriors Filter

Sci-Ci Box Filter for photographs

This filter is quite radical, it has a 3D effect and shows the Terracotta Warriors exhibition I visited recently. I aim to report on them as I took photographs with an iPhone and they came out surprisingly well. You can see individual figures and close-ups within the blue blocks here.

My one thought about this filter is that it will probably work better with brighter images than the ones I chose here.

This is an experiment and I think it came out pretty well. It is sometimes not easy to see how a filter will turn out especially on your smartphone screen. You need to experiment to see what filters can do. You do no damage so go crazy and see what happens!

Snowflake Collage Filter

Snowflake Collage Filter of Photographs

This snowflake montage of cat images is really lovely and the frame is really bright. Something like this needs a blog post or a larger smartphone screen to be effective. The images are quite small and there is a lot of detail that risks getting in the way if your pictures aren’t dark enough.

Do you have a favourite filter app to recommend? Let me know in the comments.

12 thoughts on “How a Filter Can Change Your Cat Photos”

  1. We’re so glad Silver’s okay! As Bear said on Facebook, after being thrown in the slammer and being on house arrest, your street cred is through the ceiling, handsome Silver! The girls LOVE that stuff!

  2. Great fotos and we’re really glad Silver is okay. We don’t use many filters, mommy likes the pure foto. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  3. So glad Silver is ok! I’m having a hard time choosing between Salmonberry and Starry Night as my favorite.

  4. I am glad Silver is OK. Stay inside and rest now.
    I love all these filters. I would say the bokeh is my favorite though. XO

  5. We are glad it is nothing serious Silver. Oscar sure is photogenic and we loved each of the filters with a slight tip to the Salmonberry.
    We are sad to hear that dearest Daisy has gone to the Bridge. We remember her curlyness and she will be missed
    Timmy and Family

  6. Those filters are really great! I love how they transform an already interesting photograph. Silver, we are glad you are going to be okay. Sending purrs and prayers of healing your way, sweet pal.

  7. I love all the filters, I really like the sparkes! Silver, we’re so sorry you were hurt, but so glad it is something minor – rest up buddy!

  8. I am glad it was nothing serious for Silver and hope with rest he is soon much better.
    I was also very sorry to hear of Daisy’s passing. Her blog was always a must see back when they were blogging.
    I like all those effects, but my favourite is the salmonberry. I usually use Lunapic and enjoy experimenting with it. I like that you can adjust the filters as much or as little as you want to. I have just downloaded Topaz Labs (free version) so will be having fun with that.
    I always check before I post my comment and noticed I had put “box rest” for Silver. What makes you think we keep horses! I did change it.

  9. These filters are awesome! My human used to create her own before all these apps started doing it without all the effort.

  10. Oh my, poor Silver, but we are thankful that all is now understood as to his injury and I am sure house arrest will mean lots of pampering and treats, nip mice and cream on tap.
    We are so sorry for the loss of Daisy, but it is true to say she was one in a million and very much loved and will be missed, and a true leading light cat.
    Now those filters you showed are awesome, and work so well on the photo you chose, and turn the more usual into works of art.


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