Holy Hollyhocks!!!!!!

Summer is in full swing here in New Zealand, and the little hollyhock seedlings we planted back in our own Spring, are the theme for our Thankful Thursday with Brian and his family!

Why the Holy Hollyhocks!???

Because one of the hollyhocks is actually two metres tall! This is about 6/7 feet (we can’t reach up far enough to measure but we can get close-ish!) We are thrilled at how tall it is and how much the bees are taking advantage of our garden’s flowers. We are still looking for a cloud in the blue sky!

Tall Hollyhock? You bet it is!

One of our plants has single creamy white blooms, and the other (shorter) plant has double blooms which are simply gorgeous! Check them out here! They look like pale trumpets pointing in all directions.

We know a lot of our European and American readers will be glad to see your Spring, so we hope this gives you hope you will be thankful for your own flowers one day soon.

Holy Hollyhocks they are gorgeous!

Happy Holy Hollyhocks Thankful Thursday!

Harvey Button
Gardening on Holy Hollyhocks Batman Day
Harvey the White Cat in Summer






7 thoughts on “Holy Hollyhocks Batman

  1. Oooh I love Hollyhocks, those are a fantastic yellow colour too. I think you must be drawing in bees from far afield with those being so tall. We envy your blue skies, we do. But someday, and I say that tongue in cheek as summer here may be just a day, our blue skies will come too!

  2. That is tall! The flowers are lovely. My mum hasn’t even got round to sowing her seeds yet. She should have done the tomatoes at least a month ago.

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