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Holiday Furrocious Photo Tips

Ho ho ho! It’s the purrfectly festive Thursday before Christmas, and I am here to spread some holiday cheer with a paws-itively heartwarming cat photo roundup! Forget the frantic last-minute shopping and to-do lists for five minutes. Put on your PJs, grab a mug of hot cocoa (with extra catnip for your model), and cuddle up for a purrfectly delightful dose of cat photo and video fun..

I have cat photography and smartphone video tips for you to btowse through, including a trip down memory lane with our sweet oldster Dusty with his highly successful video series.

How To Film Your Cat Like a Pro

I have been making videos for over five years and discovered what works, and what doesn’t on a smartphone. I make videos with confidence and that confidence comes from practice. If I can do it, you can too!

This post is full of fun tips you can use to make any movie, not just pets. Allow your self to play, have fun and laugh at the wobbly outtakes (or b-roll) as you build your skills and get ready to share your video on Twitter (X), YouTube, Vimeo or Tik-Tok.

hand holds a smartphone in portrait mode with a cat photo on the screen

A Fun Cat Photo Collage Project

This is a splash of lighthearted fun with the potential to create a lovely online greeting to send to your friends, or a poster sized printable. You use the free version of design app Canva, although the Pro version works as well if you have it.

You choose the colours, the photos, the decorations, everything! This post helps you take your first steps to create your own design using the simple user friendly drag and drop interface Canva is famous for.

Screenshot of the Canva design app with a coloured background

Dusty’s Travels

If you remember the movie travels of our oldster Angel Dusty, they are all gathered on this page.

This page introduces you to his short fun and utterly sweet memories. They are a reminder that not every video has to be perfect, but a good video does tell a story. These were happy times, recording stories of joy and genuine happiness.

Find Your Photographer’s Voice

A slightly less ‘practical’ post, one that encourages you to find your own way beyond taking simple cat photos. You can move towards finding an intention to create a message, a particular kind of photograph or motif.

Your photograph can speak more than words, if it has focus and intention it can convey a message.

full face photograph of a tuxedo cat

Smartphone Cat Portrait Mode

No time for fiddly stuff? Explore the one tool on your smartphone you might have overlooked. Portrait Mode. This simple but great effect adds a soft focus ‘bokeh’ effect around your cat similar to the kind you get from a DSLR or Mirrorless camera. As you can see in the post, it looks fantastic, so give it a try.

Top tool tip. Become familiar with how close you have to be to your cat to activate portrait mode. Your ‘phone may remind you to be adjust your distance for the effect to happen.

Toulouse a tabby cat with his Blackwing pencil

Explore Black and White With Cats

If you have been enjoying cat photography then you might want to step outside your comfort zone with an expedition into black and white country. This post goes into the kind of things you want to look for, and has a quick photo tutorial that will give you an idea of how to adjust your colour photographs to black and white.

closeup of tuxedo cat looking to the left.

Make a Christmas Cat Movie

Simple tips for you to try out movie making with your smartphone. You don’t even have to make a finished movie, a few video clips is a great start with these tips,. This is meant to be low stress and fun so give it a try.

Smartphone Orientation Tips
No Time to Read? Download this post as a PDF!

9 thoughts on “Holiday Furrocious Photo Tips”

  1. I love these photos, especially that first one! I don’t know how you captured the cat in that crazy pose – what great timing! I almost always have to put my smartphone videos into Canva for editing, they’re never right.

    • Cathy, yes the pose was real! Our boy Silver was on his dad’s office chair and dad pointed his camera downwards.

  2. Great tips as always and memories are priceless. I love the B&W photo, just beautiful. Merry Christmas from us

  3. What wonderful tips for making a video with the fur kid! Your video of your visit to Rivendell is excellent! I really need to try this with Henry. You always inspire me to take me phone out more and capture daily life with Henry. I thank you for that nudge. I’m sharing this will all my dog parents. They’ll LOVE it!
    Merry Christmas and happy holidays! I hope you enjoy a few fun days at the beach.

  4. More wonderful tips! And also great for dogs, too! I am fond of B&W photography, and this picture is beautiful! I do also love to use portrait mode on my iPhone, although, on my camera it captures clearer when my subject move! Your portrait pic here is gorgeous! Pinning this to share! Happy Holidays!

  5. Aww, I love the variety of ways to capture memories and candid moments. We did a Canva digital photo this year for the holidays. I love the trip down memory lane with Dusty’s adventure to Rivendell. I loved that trilogy Lord of the Rings. Wishing you and your loved ones a happy holiday!

  6. Such wonderfully purrfect kitties, each and every one! Thanks for joining Angel Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!


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