Enterprising Initiative Helps to Save Ferals in Horowhenua, New Zealand

Enterprising Initiative Helps to Save Ferals in Horowhenua, New Zealand

*** Can you help our local feral and stray group Outpawed’s TNR Appeal? ***

A small group of committed volunteers has taken on a TNR project here in New Zealand, and we want to help get this amazing project noticed! 

Everyone of you, we know, is an animal lover, a pet parent or simply loves animals in some way. We are joining Thankul Thursday with Brian and his wonderful family to celebrate that fact, and, to ask for your social media shares to get 30 cats spayed and neutered in a country far away from most of you.

Outpawed TNR Appeal

Why Outpawed’s TNR Appeal

  • Funds raised will be used to purchase an extra trap for the project, pay veterinary costs for desexing, and go towards the cost of vaccinating, microchipping and feeding the kittens before they are rehomed.

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All of you  know of Brian and his family’s help for both ferals and strays and many of you will remember sweet Bootsie who was dumped, and recued. Brian and his family are hugely important spotlighting strays and ferals, and the battle is being fought here in New Zealand as well. The word is getting out that ferals are our responsibility – humans must tackle these cats and work with people like Outpawed to adopt the adoptable, and use Trap-Neuter-Return for those who cannot be tamed.

We aim to donate to the TNR Appeal, and also to spread the word further than their modest rescources allow. The folks at Outpawed spend their time rescuing cats and kittens – social media is fitted in around saving lives. They need $3,000NZbut it’s proving a slow business – so far.

Can you help? Can you share?

Harvey Button
former Stray 
for the Outpawed TNR Appeal
Thankful thursday graphic




  1. Shared all over, and will do so again! TNR is simply vital, and I’d love to see this project take flight!

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  2. HI guys, I have sent a gift to OUTPAWED, to help them with their fundraising. Thank you so much for spreading the word and being an advocate for them around the globe and Blogosphere.
    Purrs, Erin

  3. It’s so important to support TNR in your country! Well, every country, really. In any case, I am very glad for groups like Outpawed – I will help spread the word!

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