Heat Protection Tips For Your Cat

I am not a cat health blogger but I know that is times of extreme heat I need to spread the word about the health of cats. I have asked my fellow Cat Writers’ Assocation members for help in getting the word out to those facing higher temperatures for the first time. I define extreme for Great Britain as C40+ (104F for my American readers) which is dangerous to animals and humans.

I have assembled a selection of my colleagues heat protection tips for your cat. These include safety ideas as well as chilled treats.

Ideas To Keep Your Cat Hydrated and Cool In Summer – Bionic Basil® and the B Team

The Purrfect 10: Ways to Help Your Cat Beat the Heat – Melissa and Mudpie

Keeping Your Cat Cool in a Heatwave – ChirpyCats

Survival Tips to Keep Your Cat Safe, Happy, and Healthy During the Hot Summer Months – Zee and Zoey

For Smoke Inhalation – Amy Shojai

Keep Your Cat Cool in Summer – Lola the Rescued Cat

3 Tips to Help Your Cat Spend a Good Summer – The Swiss Cats

Heat Safety Tips – The Island Cats

Tips to Keep Cats Cool – Life and Cats

Vital Summer Tips for Adventure Cats – Kitty Cat Go (Meet Sophie their CH cat here)

Cat Health in Summer

Summer Links from The Blog

4 thoughts on “Heat Protection Tips For Your Cat”

  1. Since most cats stay in the home, and most homes have air-conditioning, I would hope cats are not at too much risk of harm from heat. Of course, traveling is another story.

  2. The hot weather is always a worrisome time for cats and dogs (and horses!) With Huskies, and one a wooly, I was always keeping them cool with pools, sprinklers, misting fans when outside and cooler beds, cooler collars, and a/c inside! While I do not have cats, I did always worry about our adopted feral, Binx, in the heat. He used to love to climb the fence and walk around the perimeter of our pool and lay on our deck. So I purchased a cooler bed and left it there in the shade along with lots of fresh water for him. Great list of links I’ll be Pinning to share!

  3. Very important information! My cats used to love it when I would wet them down with a cool cloth in the summer. I think that’s the only time they didn’t mind getting wet. In fact, the two of them would wait and push the other out of the way to get cool first. Smart kitties! I’m sharing all this critical info with my pet parents.


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