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Headfirst Out Of the Window Went The Cat

Today’s almost selfie shows how humour and incident can surprise you even as you just turn around.

I was in the garden with my camera and turned as I heard the window open behind me. Natasha was looking speculatively at the ground some 1.5 metres (5 feet) below her. Keeping my fingers crossed I took some shots just in case she decided to be reckless.

She did.

Cat jumps down out of a window Looking like a small black arrow
Looking out – ISO 400 f.8 1/320

I was frustrated my settings were not enough to capture her leap downwards except as a flying cat shape. She does look amazing though!

I would have needed at least 1/1000 because Natasha moved at such a fast speed. Maybe an alternative would have been to set my camera to Tv (Canon) or Shutter Priority, or ‘Sport’ mode which is are great modes for fast capture.

Shutter Priority mode: This mode allows you to set the shutter speed and the camera sets the aperture automatically depending on the exposure compensation, lighting conditions, ISO configurations and the metering mode.

Digital Camera HQ
Cat jumps down out of a window Looking like a small black arrow
ISO 400 f.13 1/320

I am happy I caught a crazy moment on camera even though it is not pin sharp. It will make people gasp I know, but I can reassure everyone, she landed on her paws safely and scampered away into the grass.

Shutter Speed (Seconds)Where You Might Use Them in Cat Photos
1/125 – 1/250Simple Cat Portraits
1/250 – 1/500Cats walking or moving slowly
750 to 1/1000 +Cat running fast, leaping or tumbling

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