Harvey The Cat Health Update

Harvey The Cat Health Update

Hi guys, welcome to my Health Update for October 2017. I am including a pawsome mini movie that was made using a cute iPhone app called 8mm.

  • 8mm is a paid app and the site has links to the App Store to download iPhone and iPad versions.

Thankful Thursday

We join Brian and his family on Thankful Thursday a lovely weekly hop with good company, please join us.

Most of our readers know that know that I am:

  1. A Senior 12+ and
  2. A Rescue with a traumatic past.

As a senior I get six monthly vet checks each year, not the usual one per year for our adult family members, and last Tuesday was our scheduled vet visit. I had a blood test, and an examination by the lady veterinarian. She is the same Dr. I saw last time and she was delighted to see me back!

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My Harvey Health Care Update

I endured the usual poking and prodding, and I was weighed on the scales. The good news is, I have put on a small amount of weight! I believe that this is due to my starting the Royal Canin Renal Formula sachets about 9 days ago.

Why is the special renal food good for my cat health? Mum and I want to give you a proper answer, so did some basic research.

Mr Puffy Face at the Vet

We have found that pet renal food is specially formulated to include less protein. This low protein is critical, for example, to allow my kidneys to function to the best of their more limited ability. Kidneys process the protein in cat food and kibble so take on a lot of work in a healthy cat, let one an older one.

With my reduced kidney function, the protein in most ordinary cat food would put too much pressure on my kidneys and reduce my currently healthy lifestyle very quickly.

Other Harvey Health Care News

I have a slight heart murmur. It is nothing so serious I need surgery but it has just appeared. 

As I do not lead an active cat life this is not going to cause us to panic. I sleep plenty, I have two heated beds and a family that watches over me every day. I also get at least two safe renal cat meals every day with a rationed number of Temptations treats (3) and no pizza!

Cat Health Report
Mum will NOT let me have any of her pizza!

So there we have it, I have put on weight, I love my renal formula food, and the vet thinks I am a model patient as I sit quietly when they take blood to test! 

Compared to my earlier ear tip surgery this is a quiet walk in the senior park and I am doing fine. I have great vet care and a fantastic family. Do you have any kidney care tips to pass on, we’d love to hear them!

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  1. Dear Mr Harvey,
    I am so furry happy to hear you will not be joining Queen Penelope soon! This is most excellent news from your vet! And I am happy I will be hearing more about your adventures!
    Mommy had to cope with renal and thyroid issues with hissy old Llicorice. One of the problems was getting him to drink enough fluids. He had to have Su-Q fluids every day. Mommy started to put warm water on the wet cat food and the sub-Q fluids then were every second and, over time, every third day.
    Since then, all us cats have warm water on our wet food. We love it and we all eat our food right away.

  2. Always good to have a visit to vets that is positive. So pleased you are enjoying your new food, I know it will be doing you a world of good and definitely something to be thankful for.
    Toodle pip and purrs

  3. Paws up for a good vet visit and humans who take such good care of you, Harvey! We don’t have any tips here – my human has to give Binga whatever she wants to eat because she is picky in her old age (17) – but since she eats what she wants, she is maintaining her weight, and that is good.
    Summer recently posted…Boodie’s Fall Comb OutMy Profile

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