Harvey Dressmaking

Harvey is helping Mum by guarding her fabric until she stitches it! This is Harvey the seamstress! 

We are here for the Sunday Selfies with friends Kitties Blue.

Sunday Selfie graphic

Grab the code, grab the badge and join in!

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Harvey the Sewer!
Watercolour Harvey Sunday Selfie






22 thoughts on “Harvey Does Dressmaking

  1. Well, yes, we do have a visitor in France with weird hair and thank you for your support of President Macron, who, yes, I hope will teach a few things to our illustrious Mr. T.
    Yes, vive la France. Macron is trying to change politics by having the right and the left TALK with one another and AGREE on mutually helpful and progressive things and he may just do it. Non partisan will help every government to be not so egomaniacal!!

  2. Harvey!
    You are a gorgeous (and helpful) cat!
    Nellie would have Kneaded it until she got it just right and then slept in the nest!
    I would not have gotten it back until she was done, wrinkled, full of fur and cat nail snags!!!
    Loads of Love

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