Many of you remember our sweet Dusty. Although he caused us a lot of worry being a senior, he also made us laugh, and we look back on his time here with thankfulness and gratitude.

Our main picture shows our senior boy looking out on to our back deck in late summer. It was one of his last walks outside, but, before you get sad, we are grateful that Dusty had his time with us. Yes, he looks oh so thin, but he was essentially a happy soul with us and determined to do his thing his way – we are thankful for, and proud of, his courage. Dusty loved the movies and he loved hamming it up for the camera!

We Spy Dusty’s Eye

Here’s one of his close-ups!

Dusty's Eye close up
Aye Aye! It’s Dusty’s Eye!!

Dusty’s Eyes and Paws!

We bet that you didn’t spot Dusty’s paws at the bottom of his close up! It took us a moment, we admit! Mum thought she had smudged something on the camera lens!

So, we are thankful for Dusty’s time with us, and his quiet strength and friendship. We hope that he loved us in return, for his warm home and tender care.

Happy Thankful Thursday Everyone,
Miranda Kitten
Miranda Kitten Image





16 thoughts on “Happy Memories With Dusty

  1. We are so grateful that Dusty was able to live out his earthly life with you. He had a full lifetime’s worth of love with you. Surely you will see him again one special day. Hugs to you all.

  2. Dusty was sure one very special guy, and he always made us smile. He had a wonderful home and the best of retirements, after a not very nice start to life, what a wonderful way to retire.
    Gentle Purrs

  3. Pipo says he’s so glad he got to meet you here, and Angel Minko said Dusty was one of the first to greet him in Kitty Heaven.

    You will always have wonderful memories to peek at way down in the depths of your heart, where Dusty lives forever.

  4. Miranda….dusty total lee rocked; all wayz will !!! this izza nice flash bak post in his honor 🙂 insert heartz XXX

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