The Grapes of Christmas Yet to Come

The Grapes of Christmas Yet to Come

Welcome to our statuesque Sunday Selfie with added grapes! We join the Kitties Blue for the Selfie and it’s quite a day!

The weather here is C26/F78 and we are enjoying ourselves with sunshine while snoozing and hiding from our visitor from Arizona in the USA. We took our friend on a tour of the nearby vineyards and took a walk amongst next year’s crop.

Grapes of Christmas. 2

While we were there we came across a graceful statue who kindly obliged with a selfie! He told us his name was David!

Grapes of Christmas 3
We hope to be back tomorrow with our Christmas Day selfie and will work extra hard to catch up as we missed some of you this week due to our visitor’s arrival.

Merry (and sunny) Christmas!

The Dash Kitten Crew
Sunday Selfie Graphic




We are three minutes in the Peaches and Paprika FABULOUS slideshow! Thank you P & P!!!


  1. Oooh how lovely! I am so envious of the temperature… and the views…. though poor David must get a bit cold with so few clothes, come winter MOL

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