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We Got Our Computer Back!

Hi guys, Harvey here with good news. We join Brian on Thankful Thursday and are celebrating the return of our mended computer. Oh and ConCATs to Brian and family on the stupendous cat tree they won too. Not seen it? Check their blog!

Damned Lies and Statitstics

Ours is an oldie but goodie iMac and we feel happier getting back to editing movies again and working on our newbie ‘Pet Videos for the Terrified’ course which we aim to get ready for a June launch!

In the meantime, it’s good to see you all and we hope that Spring will reach our friends in Europe and the USA soon.

Harvey and computer
See you next week,

Marjorie and Harvey
at Dash Kitten
Harvey Portrait





16 thoughts on “We Got Our Computer Back!

  1. We are so glad that you got your computer back! I have a phone and tablet, but I am still lost without my laptop (it’s so much easier to type and do other things on a computer, I think). Now have some fun working on those videos!

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